Umahi Calls For Engagement of Over 700 Ebonyi Youths, Engineers in Abakaliki Ring Road Project

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By Amuche Agbo

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has called on the contractors handling Abakaliki ring road project to engage over 700 youths and ensure that 50 per cent of the engineers used hailed from the State

The governor made the call during the signing of agreement contract for the award of the construction of the first phase of Abakaliki ring road which took place in his office on Thursday.

The contractors include GITTO/CBC Global, EMMYBLESS Construction Limited, Reinforced Global/ PATAN, Kakatar Group.

Governor Umahi said the ceremony is a reward for hard work having persevered through the rigours and technicalities required for the past six years.

While insisting that the project must be done to the best quality in rigid pavement, Governor Umahi assured the contractors of adequate security within their lots to ensure uninterrupted project execution.

“It has been a very long journey, a very tedious one, and I must commend Mr President for the 199km Abakaliki ring road passing through eight local government areas. Mr President we are grateful to you. This loan, 150 million US dollars, is the first that we are getting from outside Ebonyi State and Nigeria.

“We are very thankful to you because this project is a reality. As of today, nobody can pass through the road, not by foot, not by keke, not by okada. And by the mercy of God, we have the opportunity under our administration to construct this road. I assure you that Ebonyi State will not remain the same by the time the construction of this road is completed.

“This project is very dear to me. This project has components of community social responsibility and each of the lots has 2.5km of internal road to be built with the same standard.”

Earlier, the Commissioner for Infrastructure for Concession, Mr Fidelis Nweze, said the signing of the contract followed due process, whereas open bidding process was carried out and the successful bidders engaged for the construction.

In a remark on behalf of the contractors, the representative of Kakatar Group, Mr Dakoru Atukpa expressed satisfaction for being considered for executing the project and assured that they would abide by all specifications and deliver on schedule.

He called on other state governors to take a cue from Governor Umahi’s ingenuity to develop their states instead of relying solely on receipt from the Federation account.