Traffic Officer Warns Against Calling and Driving,as Lorries Collided in Abakaliki

By Nwogha Ndubuisi, Abakaliki

What was simply identified as impatience on the side of two lorry drivers by Traffic Officer in Abakaliki ,Ebonyi State capital,has led to head on collision on Sunday 22nd November,2020.

The incident which occurred at Echemas filling station junction, was between a lorry with number plate Ebonyi AKL 333YY and another, Ebonyi ZL 803XA.

Speaking Traffic Officer,SP Andrew Eze who was seen at the scene trying to ensure free vehicular movement warned drivers against calling and driving, noting that some phone call when received is capable of forcing a driver to loose control of their steering.

He advised them to know that theres another season to make money and to celebrate after Christmas, therefore, should maintain road rules for their safety.

He lamented that drivers no longer pass through prerequisite courses and training to learn all road traffic rules,as such, has posed serious threat to lives on the road.

According to him:”Police has been working in synergy with the road safety to see that we educate drivers on the do and don’ts of traffic but one of the major challenge is that a great number of drivers do no longer go to driving school but the moment they have money and buy vehicle will enter road.

“We are trying to educate them to know when they suppose to put travigator, suppose to over take;and when they suppose to listen as a driver as to reduce carnage on the road.

“I am advising drives to know that there’s another seasons to make money and to celebrate outside Christmas or December,so, they should know that the month is same with others and should adopt right attitude while driving by observing all traffic rules so as to stay alive and reduce carnage.

“We observed that a great number of them are impatience which is a clear example of what happened here today, and we are warning drivers to stop picking call while driving because some call when received with shock associated with the news is capable of making one loose control over the steering.

Corroborating the report, Mr. Obasi Harrison,Chairman Taskforce Nigeria Lorries Association, Ebonyi State Chapter also described impatience as the course of the incident and advised drivers to be counscious of road traffic especially on the ember months.

The taskforce Chairman commended men of road traffic for their intervention and assured them of synergy to incure right attitude towards the road users.