Returning Back to God: The Panacea For Solving Nigeria’s Sociological Problems Says His Eminence, Revd Prof. Akam

By Amuche Agbo

The Primate and Archbishop of Christ The Light Gospel Mission Int’l Inc., His Eminence, The Most Revd Prof. Philip O. Akam has called on all Nigerians to return back to God and attributed the various challenges facing Nigeria to lack of the fear of God by both citizens and residents of the nation.

In his maiden High Pontifical Service and Press Conference in Abakaliki, the Pontiff said that injustice, marginalisation, impunity, poverty, joblessness and disobedience to constituted authorities and the laws which govern the land have formed a very formidable octopus now jetting dangerously into our system as a people.

Most Revd. Prof. Akam stated that Nigeria cannot prosper until both citizens and residents returned to God, show obedience to those in authority and the laws that govern the land.

He argued that God gave Government the sword for the protection and defence of law abiding citizens and the key to the Church to ensure peace and harmony in the society adding that Government and the Church ought to work in collaboration and synergy.

The Church Leader called on all and sundry to embrace Godly fear and righteousness if we are to proffer a fundamental and not a cosmetic solution and thus,overcome the present multifarious challenges confronting the nation.

Archbishop Akam stated that if crimes and criminality are to be stamped out in the country, all hands must be on deck adding that security is everybody’s duty.

He appealed to the Youths to fix their trust in God and shun all forms of attacks and killing and enjoined the Mietty Allah to respect the sanctity of the human life and stop killing unsuspecting, simple minded law abiding people.

He also requested Government to as a matter of utmost urgency engage the youth fully and more meaningfully to dissuade them from any form of unlawful activity

The maiden Sacred High Pontifical Service and Press Conference attracted dignitaries from all walks of life.