On Saturday, 11th March 2023, history will be made in Ebonyi State as Ebonyians and other residents of the state will once again go to the poll to elect a new Governor that will pilot the affairs of the state for the next four years.

Although this is not the first time the people of the state will gather to decide who governs the state, this year’s election is definitely not going to be business as usual considering what we have all gone through in the hands of the outgoing administration in the state.

Of a truth, the last eight years have seen Ebonyians experienced bad governance, intimidation, hardship, marginalization and hunger in the midst of plenty which were direct opposites of what we all voted or bargained for in 2015.

Similarly, the people of the state have never been this clanishly divided.
Freedom of expression and association have long ceased to exist in Ebonyi.
Traditional institutions have lost their glories and confidence people repose in them because of undue political interference from government just as communal crises have destroyed the peace and unity that hitherto reigned in our communities.

That’s not all, our education system and infrastructures in our public schools have collapsed completely the same way our hospitals have been left to suffer the pains of neglect owing to absence of manpower and basic facilities.

Today, while there are no teachers in our public primary and secondary schools, the state owned high institutions can no longer be afforded by ordinary Ebonyians because of frequent hike in fees by the State Government.

In fact, the unemployment rate in Ebonyi is quite alarming resulting from the State Government deliberate refusal to approve waiver for employment since 2015.

Indeed, the list is endless as virtually all sectors and sections of the state continue to suffer one form of neglect, abuse or the other.
Ebonyians and other residents of the state must rise and take their destinies in their hands by electing credible, tested and trusted person as their next Governor.

This is a very challenging moment for the state because our failure to get it right this time will amount to enslaving ourselves for the next four to eight years.

Ebonyi State now needs a man of impeccable character, a reliable personality, a leader and not a ruler as well as a democrat and not a dictator.

Our beloved state needs a Governor who can turn the fortunes of its mineral resources for the benefit of the masses and not the privileged few.
We should vote for a Governor that will facilitate the speedy development of the rural communities and restore the long lost glory of our traditional institutions.
We deserve a Governor that will revive our moribund education system, employ teachers and rebuild our schools; a man that will no longer erect only fences in our hospitals but who will equip them and recruit enough health personnel that will attend to the health care needs of our people.

We should all support a Governor that will unify the state and provide jobs for thousands of unemployed graduates roaming the street of our state; a Governor that will not run a government that will harras and intimidate people for exercising their rights at all times.

Although there are many Ebonyians contesting for the Governorship of the state, the candidate of Action Alliance, Engr Chukwuma Nwandugo remains the best.
He is a man of impeccable character, tested and trusted.

As Commissioner for Works and Transport in the last administration, Engr Nwandugo was reputed for his high level of transparency, hard work and accessibility.

Nwandugo did not only deliver on his mandate, he also facilitated the initiation and completion of many life-touching projects across the state.
They include the Ebonyi International Market, construction of Ebonyi State pipe production industry, unity schools and the unity bridges which were flagship projects of the last administration in the state among others.

Engr CHUKWUMA Nwandugo will offer employments to thousands of unemployed graduates roaming the streets of our state; he will wipe the tears of the state pensioners and civil servants by restoring leave allowances, promoting them as at when due and ensure that a better condition of service is provided for them.
Engr Nwandugo will definitely make Ebonyi work again if elected Governor.

Ebonyians, let’s rise above clanish and party sentiments to vote the best candidate as our next Governor; a man who will not place his personal or family interest above our collective interest and that man is Engr Chukwuma Awuregu Nwandugo.

Vote Action Alliance for the peace and development of Ebonyi State.