The initial patriotic national ethos of our great First Republic leaders which made Nigeria one of the leading countries in Africa and Asia with comparative GDP with Malaysia and Thailand has been effectively buried in the rubbles.

Yet, there still exist an incredible reservoir of national energy capable of pulling the nation from the ruins and destruction and for the construction of a new and better Nigeria.

This abundant energy is able to bring light to over shadow the darkness that is enveloping our nation.

There is a fire in the belly of an average patriotic Nigerian, which when lit, is able to consume any imaginable size of evil.

Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, (popularly known as FON) has stepped out to ignite that fire, in his decision to seek for the position of governor come 2023 elections.

Is not an ambition but a historic burden. It is a burden imposed on him right from my late teens when he was an Ex – official.

He committed himself on struggle for social and economic development of Ebonyi State, as well as, to the struggle for democratic rule.

Now ,as Guber candidate, that fire is not extinguished. He carries a historic burden to lead the process that will make a democratic state deliver the promise of a greater Ebonyi state that will provide for all her citizens and those who reside in it without discrimination.

A modern state capable of securing itself from internal and external threats, provide jobs for her teeming youths currently unemployed through a sustainable economic development plan, and reduce the scourge of poverty and corruption.

A burden to build a New Ebonyi state that will be a land of equal opportunity and justice.

In the past three decades FON has built businesses from the scratch in energy and infrastructure development in Ebonyi state

He acquired formal and informal training that provides him with the knowledge and expertise to solve Ebonyian’s political, economic and security challenges.

He has the energy, passion and vision to drive this transformation that our great state desperately needs. He knows how to build even from the scratch!

He will bridge the existing divides in the state, heal the wounds and bring our state back together again.

He lived and schooled in both Ebonyi State, he knows the problems of Ebonyians within and diaspora . He knows that all human beings are born equal and deserving of equal rights, opportunities and justice.

He will do justice to all without discrimination on account of clan, religion and gender.

This is not another empty promise of another politician. It is who he is.

I have a settled conviction in my spirit that God has preserved FON for such a time as this to be able to bring Ebonyians together again.

His agenda is not a partisan agenda.

There is nothing Ebonyians cannot achieve with the right environment and support. Rt Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru (FON) is out to give the Leadership to create that environment.

A new and better Ebonyi State is possible!

Otah Christopher Israel, is a political Analyst and writes from Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.