(A Press Release by Izhi Tehu Foundation, this 16th day of March, 2023)

Dear Ebonyians,
Izhi Tehu Foundation wishes to reiterate its positions with respect to the 2023 General Elections as follows:

  1. That the principles of justice, equity and fairness demand that the pendulum of Ebony State’s seat-of-power should swing in favour of Ebonyi North Senatorial Zone, particularly the Izhi people.
  2. That we encourage every Ebonyian to not only vote an Izhi man for the post of Ebonyi State Governor, come 18th of February 2023, but also mobilize others to do same. This, we believe, is in the interest of political and socioeconomic stability of our dear State.
  3. That we remain committed to the fundamental qualities of ékem’ali (justice and fairness), hospitality and peace for which the average Izhi man is widely known.
  4. That we urge everyone, especially stakeholders and opinion moulders in all the nooks and crannies of Ebonyi State (especially Izhi land) to commit him/herself vigorously towards upholding the foregoing at all times, especially in the forthcoming Gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections. No man’s ambition is worth the blood of another. The sanctity of human lives must never be toyed with by any man in the quest for power.
  5. That we encourage everyone who may eventually clinch various seats of political leadership among our people to shun vindictive postures and winner-takes-it-all attitudes, but rather see their victories as opportunity to build bridges and unify our people towards socioeconomic greatness/stability.
  6. That Izhi Tehu Foundation appreciates the efforts of all institutions, groups and persons who have worked assiduously towards harmonization of interests among political aspirants in Izhi land, as well as building bridges of alliance with other clans in Ebonyi State.
  7. That as a Foundation, made up of progressive-minded intellectuals, spread across the globe, we remain committed to continuously adding our voices and efforts towards ensuring that Izhi Clan and Ebonyi State become the envy of their contemporaries.

Long live Izhi Nnodo Ekumenyi!
God bless Ebonyi State, and the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


ADM Igwe Christopher Agbo
National Ag. President, Izhi Tehu Foundation

Hon. Uzoke Solomon Ededa
National Secretary, Izhi Tehu Foundation