Izhi Entrepreneurs’ mentor youth on ease of doing business in Ebonyi

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From Nwogha Ndubuisi, Abakaliki

The Izhi Entrepreneurs’ Forum on Saturday 2nd September,2023 held its maiden meeting to enlightened the youth on ease of doing business as to eradicate poverty in the clan.

Addressing participants at Abakaliki, Ebonyi state capital, the national president, SCT.Nwebonyi Benjamin lamented on the low spate of growth of Izhi speaking people in careers development.

Sct Nwebonyi who’s the Managing director Maben Global Resources Limited noted that the meeting is of essence to encourage the youth to toe a new path outside the traditional way of growing successfully in their various businesses, thereby, kill the phobia of self doubt.

The president further explained “the forum was established as a platform to reorient the Izhi youth on needs to go into business and stop depending on salary, political thuggery, and all sorts of demeaning career jobs.

“Our youth should know that Entrepreneurship is more lucrative than political appointment and that’s why somebody like Dangote cannot accept Ministerial position, because he has more to benefit than serving as a minister.

“So, it is necessary we have something doing and to engage more in business than politics.

“Some people complained of start up capital as their greatest challenge, but we have we have learnt here that fund is the last thing to think about when one wants to engage in business, rather, trained patiently as to have capacity, be educated, courageous and know the do and dots of what you want to do before venturing into the business.he advised

Earlier, the key note speaker, Engr Henry Nduka Awuregu, Director general and Chief Executive Officer of the Scholars of Chambers, Commerce and Industry called on participants to endeavour to develop their personal capacity as entrepreneur leveraged allot on self worth to Successfully achieve his targets and goals.

The human capacity development expert, Engr Awuregu called on the youth of Izhi clan to adopt the new narrative initiative of the forum, hence, leverage on change of mindset towards building a successful business and added that “the mind is the greatest assets, because we must change the way we think; think big, think new, and think again”.

“We should have a progressive mindsets, when the mind is changed, life will also be changed. the greatest poverty is the poverty of the mind as said by one of the Speakers. It is important we change our thinking pattern where impossibility can only be found in the page of dictionary.

When asked about his perspection with the state government policies in human capacity development, he expressed confidence in the ongoing administration led by Rt Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, and described steps taken by the government as a right peg, in a round hole.

He commended the state governor for the approval to take one hundred and fifty Ebonyi youth out of the streets and enjoined the state government to increase beneficiaries capacity, thereby, equipped them thoroughly in skill so as to have better productivity.

He equally appealed to prospective beneficiaries to embrace the state governor’s good plans and assured that “there’s hope and that hope will give us courage and that gives us success.

Also, Comrade Ibina Vincent, Secretary Izhi Entrepreneurs’ Forum and Director Nracheka Kitchen appreciated participants for turning out in number and cautioned Izhi youth against impatience.

Ibina, who’s also the director, Hard knocks and car wash services emphasized the need for consistency in business and added that no success comes by accident.

“I believe in the principle of operation of entrepreneur which is the principle of following the due process, birthing an idea, nurturing the idea, groom it consistently until you start making earn from it, and that’s the patience our people lack.

“To be honest with you, there’s no short cut in business or to be successful as an entrepreneur.

” Growing a brand is like pregnanting a woman; you have to wait patiently for nine months for it to turn to a baby, successfully delivered and you nurture the baby from kindergarten to university level, which are all in stages.

“So, inline with the state governor’s initiative in rescuing our brothers from the streets, we appealed to every Abakaliki man to embrace that program and leverage on it as the organizers have promised to make this program a reality. he further emphasized.

One of the participants, Engr Nwogbodo Kelvin Nwigwe, Fnse commended the resource persons for the thorough lecture and promised to judiciously put into use all that he had learned.

Meanwhile, the event was attended by captain of industries, business men, students and leaders from different communities from Abakaliki, Ebonyi and Izzi Local Government Areas.


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    Nwebonyi Benjamin C

    Let’s stop thinking salary. Salary is no more sustainable. Let’s look around us and see problems to solve . Entrepreneurs earn from solving problems

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