I’ve been falsefuly arrested 8 times as IPOB’s native doctor~ Nature Force Controller narrates ordeal

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By Nwogha Ndubuisi, Abakaliki

Dr Chukwukaodinaka Nwafor (Dr Omemma) a native of Enyibichiri, Umuoghara Community, Ezza North LGA, a nature force controller has narrated his ordeals in the custody of Nigeria Police Force and urge the security agencies mostly in South East to support those who are talented and legally carrying out their vocational callings and not scaring them into hiding. 

He, however, warned against flood and advised metropolitans to clean water drainage by removing those objects that block water ways.

Q: May we meet you Sir.

A: I’m Dr Chukwukaodinaka Nwafor, a.k.a Dr Omemma, a nature force controller based in Ebonyi state, Nigeria.

Q:Tell us more about your craft?

Q: I’m a grave law practitioner,  forest law, and stone law practitioner. My work is to help people solve their environmental challenges. 

Q:Can you tell me how this your vocation has been of value to people around you?

A: I was recently received audience from Bangladesh North America to discuss the issue of the right of ape in north America forest called chimpanzee is a nature force from Aba land. 

These apes are the first interior wielding experienced nature from Amauzu  in Ezaa nation, but after the duty they took from here to north America, they are no longer privileged to exercise their right because they cannot speak the language that’s acceptable to the general public.

 Their language is very difficult like, oke amadu, Oku, oka, oke ammadu, Agbara. These are the type of language they speak and it is hard to discover and it’s hard to speak except people like us who are grave law practitioners, forest law practitioners, stone law practitioners. if you are not one of these practitioners you will not understand the language of  these apes and that’s why they visited me from north America inorder to be able to enlarge their languages so that their rights and so many other things will be given to them as apes. 

Then, Awka brothers from Kanuri, Kano also in line with Adamawa chimpanzees thesame problem they’re having. They are visiting me because I am a nature force controller and I speak their language just like in Abakaliki today, Igbos crushed Ogbanje but in Catholic prayer they prayed, Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you blessed are you among women and bless is the fruit of your womb Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God pray for us sinners now and forever more. This is a language of the spirit that only the mother of Jesus Christ understand. 

That’s why there’s a language of the spirit that the chimpanzee understands, like Oke amadu is something that’s free of stain, that’s why when a chimpanzee grows to the level that it no longer has black hair, that’s the chimpanzee that you can call ‘Oke amadu’, another ‘Oke amadu’ is a stone; that’s why sometimes you look at the mountain, you see something like a dew descending back to the heaven. That’s another time that you will see something like smoke surrounding the stone where oke amadu is. I am a mountain guider and specialized in guiding the egg of a chameleon and in the area of grave,I guide those who keep to the law of grave.

In serving the nature of Aba land; from Abakaliki to Bangladesh, Bangladesh to Kano, to Mubi in Adamawa.

I want people who are facing flood in their area to call us to make a smoke programme that will stop the disaster, or come with thunder control stone that will stop the thunder heat within the environment. 

if it is air, we have a smoke, a particular water from thunder stone that will stop the air force from destroying your area. 

Q: What are the most horrible moment as a nature force controller?

A: I have been falsefuly arrested eight times  by the men of Nigeria Police Force accusing me as  IPOB’s native doctor.

I have had alot of ugly experiences as a nature force controller in different occasions, the recent was my arrest at February 14,2022  along former Ariaria Police station before Sam junction in Aba, Abia state. 

The incident occured that I was arrested alongside my pregnant horse and one male horse which I was in prison until that pregnant horse delivered because of an accusation that am Mazi Nnamdi Kalu’s native doctor.

Painfully, until date that my horses have not been released and there’s nothing my family could do knowing that the nature of my vocation is such that I do come out publicly to perform my calling as a way to help the general public devoid of religion, ethnic or political beliefs.

On that particular day, there’s this burnt police station that one of my horses narrowly entered to get pasture and as I was leaving, the pregnant one refused going with me and I left it there for the business of the day.

Coming back the following day to force the horse home, the RRS Aba North and IG Squad invaded the place and arrested me, accusing me of being IPOB’s native doctor. 

I spent eight months in the prison and funny enough, not even one IPOB member visited in the period of that my false trial to prove that am one of their members. 

I have also been arrested at Nduegu Azu, my home town; two times in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state, four times in Aba, Abia state and another incident at Obi-Igbo by Oil mill at Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Q: What are your advise to people as you predict heavy rain this year ?

A: I advise people not to cover their water track areas. Clean your gutters and anyway water can pass as to control flood as there will be heavy rain this year that will cause flood in some parts of the country. 

Also, encourage the new administration government to pay more attention to the people because the people are really lacking in various amenities.