ITF National President Calls for Unity, Peace in Izhi Clan

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By Nwogha Ndubuisi and Amuche Agbo

The National President of Izhi Tehu Foundation Mr. Eze Emmanuel Eze has called for unity, peace and love among people of Izhi clan for the overall development of the area.

He made the call at St. Thomas Macgettrick, Pastoral Centre, Abakaliki during the public presentation and launching of a new music album released by Mr Stephen Nkwegu (a.k.a Cent De Martz).

He commended Cent De Martz for the great feat and urged Izhi people to play politics to a reasonable voice for the development of Izzi people and their environs.

According to the president: “we are holding everything in our hands. Heaven helps those who help themselves. Let’s speak in one reasonable voices”

“What Izzi people need now is leadership – the leadership that is not about politics. Leadership that touches the grassroot, this idea that everybody wants to be this or that, we have to understand that politics is all about service, it is for the prepared mind, and for those who really want to serve. We must ask ourselves question – will there be Nigeria in 2023?

“So we have more jobs to do than politics. We must come home and secure our place. We must focus beyond 2023. We must survive today before we talk about 2023,” he hinted.

In his remark, the Chairman of the occasion, Chief Chris Adol Awam, represented by Mr Okpaga Chukwuma Kingsley thanked God who inspired St. Martz to use the music to promote the peace and unity of Izhi Nation.

He described the message shared in the album as a great task to every Izhi child to be optimistic about their future especially on promoting peace among the people of the clan, urging all hands to be on deck to fight anything that is capable of tearing them into factions.

He congratulated Cent De Martz, praying God to grant him more wisdom and strength to do more, as he charged other talented ones in the clan to follow suite in order to make their people proud.

Speaking, the member representing Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency, Hon. Chinedu Ogah called on the people of Izhi Nation to rise stronger in promoting peace and unity among themselves so that activities of some selfish individuals from the state do not continue keeping the clan stagnant in Ebonyi politics.

Ogah expressed surprise over the poor turnout of Izzi stakeholders especially those occupying political positions for having not honoured the launching of the music, and however, called on the people to embrace spirit of unity in order to brighten the future of the clan.

“I am surprised today, that when your son is doing this kind of presentation, the most respected Izzi stakeholders are not found here. This is a call that is very important for the people of Izzi to support him. What I want to let you know today is that, we, the people of Ebonyi State, precisely, Abakaliki bloc are the cause of our problems,” he said.

He commended Cent De Martz for the wisdom and creative ingenuities used in his music to campaign for peace, unity and progress of Izhi people and the state at large, advising him not to relent.

He also commended the hard-working spirit of Ebonyi people and urged them to improve on exchanging brotherly love among themselves.

“We are the most intelligent, beautiful, workaholic in education. That’s why I decided to put it wrong in any Anambra man that came and described Abakaliki as educationally poor people. It’s a lie! Is there any village in Abakaliki, we don’t have a professor. There’s no family in Abakaliki, we don’t have a degree holder.

“The only thing is that they love themselves, helping themselves and that’s where we should make improvement.

“If you carefully look around, you see people from the hinterlands who came to support this launching, both the adults and children.

“This is a music that signifies unity. A music that signifies peace, but can you imagine how the people of Izhi land are treating themselves.

“If you like, live in errors of reasoning and get perished or you can wake up now, to reclaim your lost glory.

“They say, early to bed, early to rise makes body healthy, wealthy and wise.

“If we like, we can go and sleep to wake up early, but if not possible, we can continue to be the toilet of the state. You know, toilet sees both male and female’s private parts but it never enjoy any of them.

“We can use this music to rethink and unite to build ourselves stronger and take back our lost glory for the benefit of our people,” he advised.

The Federal Lawmaker expressed his readiness to liberate his people, and called for quality representations by various leaders from the state.

“I’m very passionate about the liberation of every Abakaliki man.

“Today, we see our people in House passing laws and why we can’t come together to build our future to be brighter.

“What are you struggling for, we are brothers and sisters, and if you are not married from this family, the other family will marry from your own family.

“Why are we allowing yourself to be deceived by selfish and greedy politicians.

“This is the best time to decide your fate by choosing who will lead you. You can decide your fate by knowing who will represent you, the people who will speak your mind.

“I told you, any day I travel to my village in Ikwo, and my people reject me, I will resign from politics. I am not elected to to victimize anybody, but to be there to represent them, and speak the interest of the masses.

“Looking at the music released by our child, using our language, promoting our culture, unity, calling us to see the need to love ourselves, and when you go to the Bible, you will find out that the greatest commandment of God is love. How do we love ourselves, there is a music released by Oliver Decoque, ‘Biri-kam-biri,’ meaning ‘live and let live,’ that’s an Anambra man. This is your own, how do we embrace him?” Ogah hinted.

Another stakeholders of Izhi land, Sir Edward Nkwegu represented by Comrade Onwe Jethro-Luke, Chief Sylvester Ogbaga represented by Iyioku Timothy Nnanna, Chief Augustine Nwazunku, Chief Mrs Chinyere Nwogbaga and the Member representing Abakaliki South in Ebonyi State House of Assembly Hon. Joseph Ununu described the newly released album as a welcome development, and advised the people to wake up to promote peace, unity and shun the issue of kindred indifferences, as they vowed to leave no stone unturned to actualize the political desire of the clan.

Our correspondent gathered that Mr Stephen Nkwegu (a.k.a Cent de Martz) explained that Izhi Tehuo, the title given to his new album does not imply that his people are sleeping naturally.

“Today I launched my latest album titled Izhi Tehuo, meaning ‘let Izhi wake up’ but it doesn’t mean that they were actually sleeping.

“Normally, in the Night you sleep but in the morning you wake up. At a time you see somebody walking but you will not know that the person is sleeping.

“You have been in a business and you are not doing well, it assumed that you are sleeping. It is because, if you are not up and doing in that business so that you will know the trending and what you need to do to improve that business .

“In that case, I ask Izhi to wake up. As it concerns 2023, I wouldn’t want a situation where we will still be behind again or be turn to slave.

“In this case, you find out that you are just a messenger because oga is on top and you cannot do otherwise. When our illustrious son is there as governor, it doesn’t mean we will turn to slave but we are going to teach others how to lead. That’s why I want us to wake up now. This is the time! That’s where that album is focusing on.

“In that particular music, I really pass my message, the people I mentioned their names are the senior citizens of Izzi land, many have been into the government.

“I call on them one by one to rethink and rethink, to come back home, and reason beyond party lines and selfish interest.

“Our problem is not kindred but selfishness. You don’t need to take party as your first priority as an Izhi person and you should not take it seriously or beyond humans life.

“You shouldn’t concentrate on party you belong or what your party needs but what you should be thinking is what Izhi people need for now,” he unfolded his message.