Igbo Presidency Will Diversify Nation’s Economy– Gov. Umahi

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The Chairman of the South East Governors’ Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Umahi, Thursday said that Igbo presidency would go a long way to boost the national economy.

He stated this at a reception organized on his behalf in Abakaliki town, following his declaration of his intention before President Muhammadu Buhari to run for the presidential position of the country earlier in this week.

According to Umahi, “the Igbo man with lots of investments in different parts of the country is better equipped to develop the economy of our nation.”

The 2023 presidential aspirant, who disclosed that he would officially make his declaration to the general public before 31st January this year, urged all Nigerians especially those from other regions of the country not to be afraid of Igbo presidency.

“What we did in Ebonyi State, we can replicate it in Nigeria. Nigeria is a possibility. Before 31st of January, 2022, we will do our declaration to run for the Presidency,” he hinted.

He described Ndigbo as people not known for destructive engagement but focusing on developmental strides in the society.

Umahi equally disclosed his discussion with President Buhari on the issue of insecurity witnessed in the South East region, and however, expressed his government’s readiness to handle the situation.

“I went to see the leader of the party and President of the country. Buhari will be coming to Ebonyi in March. It is going to be a historic visit.

“I have found peace but I didn’t know the number of youths and leaders of this country waiting for this moment. I think it has pleased God for us to be in this moment

“What happened in Ebonyi State is what no man should take credit. We have something to show for the calling of God. Let nobody’s heart fail him for the battle is of the Lord.

“Other aspirants are more qualified than myself but remember that I am David. I spoke to our father about the insecurity in the South East. I thanked him and re-echoed the issue of a political solution.

“Anyone that wants to cause insecurity in the South East must be crushed. The economy has been destroyed. Nobody should be afraid of the presidency of the Igbo man. We have investment everywhere. Ebonyi State will never be part of Biafra. We are better in a fair and equitable Nigeria. We have investment everywhere and you cannot set fire in your house.

“We have God and prayers. It’s a challenge for everyone. God’s blessing on this project, will further the project of Mr. President. I will fight the corruption in Nigeria to a standstill. It’s a time to repent and build a better Nigeria,” Umahi added