I am Not on the Run-Accident Survivor Hit by Commissioner’s Entourage Speaks Up

By Nwogha Ndubuisi

An accident survivor whose red Toyota Corolla with number plate Lagos KSF 76 EWU who on Sunday,20th September, 2020 was allegedly hit by a Hilux van, Lagos KCE 104 CE carrying Osun State Commissioner of Police along Abakaliki-Enugu Express way,Mr.Mgbada Sunday has debunked the rumour making the round that he was on the run.

The accident survivor,Mr.Mgbada Sunday

The Driver during interaction with our reporter hinted that he has no reason to go into hiding as alleged, noting that the condition which prompted him and the Commissioner being hospitalized was accident,thus, they should give glory to God for saving their lives.

Narrating his experience, the primary school teacher,Mr.Mgbada told us that he was negotiating his steering for the next lane when the Hilux van carrying the Commissioner rammed on his car, destroying it beyond repair.

He said he was suprised with speculation making the round that he was on the run, stating that he was rushed unconscious to the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki but with the help of nurse he was carrying, was moved to an undisclosed private hospital as residents doctors of AE-FETHA was on strike.

The driver further narrated that after regaining consciousness the next two days went to police station for offical statement.

According to him,”What happened on Sunday 20th September was devil’s signature that brought that accident. On that fateful day,I was negotiating to cross over to the other lane,from Abakaliki Enugu express way from Echemas junction going to the next lane but before I could know,the next thing I heard was serious hit.I have been a driver for years with no such experience.

“But to the glory of God and sufficient enough,we survived the accident. Though,there was injuries sustained but no life was lost and the case of who is wrong or right has been settled by God as we are alive to testify his glory and arrangement is on ground to reconcile the situation.

“When the incident occurred, I was unconscious do to psychological trauma associated with such sudden incident with bleeding from my nose. Luckily,I was carrying a nurse who according to her, after our rescue, sympathizers among sarchet water sellers rushed to the scene and was pouring me water as I was lying on the ground before rushed to AE-FETHA but resident doctors were on strike and they took me to a private hospital.

“After regaining consciousness, the next two days I went to the police station and make offical statement but was suprised to hear that I was on the run even while my vehicle and credentials are in the car.

“Accident been an unplanned event and I don’t know the CP neither did he knows me, thus,it baffles me that nobody cares to know my state of health; our lives are more important than the vehicles, after all, police is my friend,is your friend and our friends. So, the issue of going on air to announce that the driver of the Toyota Corolla car is on the run is quite unfortunate.

“And they can confirm every bit of my statement with the police traffic. We should be thanking God that all of us are alive. I am not on run and will never run because it is an accident.

He called media for objective reportage of similar incident, asking his reaction should police insisted he repairs the Commissioner’s van, he noted that such would only play if those involved did not see beyond the aspect, what transpired at the scene,where such magnitude of accident occured with personalities involved where himself was on his way to father’s burial and the Commissioner coming back from fellow officer’s burial ceremony.