Guber 2023: Group Fumes, Warns Izhi Kinsmen Of Rumoured PDP’s Plan To Pick Izhi Man As Deputy Governor

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By Nwogha Ndubuisi, Abakaliki

Izhi Agenda, a socio-cultural organization have threatened to denounce Peoples Democratic Party,(PDP) faithfuls from Izhi clan who accepted Deputy Governor’s position from the party in the upcoming general election in Ebonyi state.

The group made this known in a statement signed by the Publicity Secretary, comrade Onyibe Jeremiah and made available to our reporter in Abakaliki.

According to the statement, the group frowned at the party inglorious attitude towards its zoning principle which they neglected with intention to keep the people as perpetual orphan with the party.

Izhi Nnodo Youth Forum

They emphasized that the party that’s known to had gained alot of support from Ebonyi North zone whose turn to benefit from the rotational system as seen since the inception of democracy in the state turned back to deny their supporters with a “highest bidder” politics.

The group warned that any of their sons or daughters who accepts to serve as Deputy Governor from any of their embattled guber candidates would be rejected from the land. The statement read in part:


“It is of great importance we make it known to the entire Izhi people and the general public and as well register our displeasure and dissatisfaction on the recently concluded PDP primaries in Ebonyi state and further warn any Izhi man from accepting to be a running mate to any individual that PDP finally filled as a flag bearer of the party in Ebonyi state.

“The action of People’s Democratic Party PDP in Ebonyi state has ingloriously presented itself as a tool in the hands of the highest bidder and have neglected their foundational arrangements as they jettison their own zoning formula once it’s the time for Izhi man to benefit from the zoning agreement without recourse that Izhi people for the years past strongly stand and have offered block votes for the victory of people’s Democratic Party in all the elections in Nigeria.

“In response to the neglect, disregard and lack of political will to upholds it’s own zoning arrangement initiated and enshrined in it’s own constitution as amended, we wish to urge every Izhi man and woman to reject the position of deputy governor should the party makes any advance to give the position to Izhi people.

“We are by this press release wish to inform every social cultural organization In Izhi land, age grade Interest group, development unions, town unions, Community and village unions including peer group as well as good spirited individuals to mobilize and peacefully protest should anyone from Izhi land who feel that out of his personal interest will defile the interest of Izhi people to accept to deputize any candidate that People’s Democratic Party PDP will present in the fourth coming general election.

“Izhi people have paid allot of sacrifices for the interest and progress of Ebonyi State and such great gesture should be reciprocated and rewarded not taken as act of foolishness and weakness just as People’s Democratic Party PDP in Ebonyi state demonstrated.

“In our own part, we are going to reject the position of deputy governor as rumored that they are to pick deputy from Izhi, and as well reject any Izhi man that may accept to be deputy governor, Izhi truly deserve governoship candidate from PDP.

“The progress and interest of Izhi people matters and we will not tolerate anyone who will move in disregard of Izhi Agenda, the genuine movement for Izhi people to produce governor after the creation of Ebonyi state need a total support of all and sundry.

“Finally, we urge every Ebonyians who loves equity and embraces justice to support Izhi people to produce the next governor of Ebonyi state.


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    I could have not said anything here but politics is dicey. Remember some of our brothers have in their hands a ticket of House of Assembly and that of House of Reps; It is not as you think. The Ebonyi north aspirants went and relaxed that PDP will zone or give them the ticket on a platter of gold, other aspirants from other zones saw their weak point and hijacked the process from us. Where were the Izzi aspirants when their colleagues were buying adhoc delegates forms to edge out novices in the contest. They don’t have sponsors, they were all alone. Bros, if you were involved in the process you would have know what happened. Your write up means that everyone in Izzi land should be in one party or must belong to one party because of something that is beyond our control. Remember in 2015, Dave did the same thing against his boss and hijacked PDP. Can any of the aspirants claim that they are new to such game. We should be careful because politics is a terrible game.

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    Apostle Emmanuel Echefunachi Ominyi

    Yes, we have spent quality time to pray and now it is no other thing but all round action from every sons and daughters, ministers and members, religious people and traditional people in Izzi clan. Yes, I’ in the spirit of equity, justice and fairness supported the above article with every sense of seriousness. I will declare the same warning to my church members and make sure that every one of them do not support whosoever tries that and also that every one obtain his or her PVC from the 28 branches of local churches am having and controlling in the three LGAs of IZZI clan and as an indigene. Since PDP could deny us the privilege of accessing our right during the primaries, we can not deny ourselves the alternative way readily available for us to access our right and ascend to the throne of governorship in Ebonyi State after many years of our submissive fellowship and immeasurable support to the rapid growth and progress of our dear state politically. Let’s see who will be that unprovoked and unconcerned son / daughter of Izzi clan that may blindly attempt to accept such a deceptive parcel from PDP to the disruption of the general wishes/plans of the entire Izzi clan. I hereby assure the person that both human & spirit, heaven and earth, God and men will surely REJECT him/her.

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