Eschew From Social Vices, Hard Drugs, ASP Felicia Nwota Charges Izzi Nnodo Students

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By Victor Chinedu

The students umbrella body of Izhi clan, Izzi Nnodo Students, comprising undergraduates from Ebonyi, Izzi and Abakaliki LGAs, under the Leadership of Comr Nwefihe Victor Chinedu over the weekend were charged to shun social vices and other activities capable of running their future knowing that education is the bedrock of every developing society.

ASP Felicia Nwota gave the charge while addressing the students who paid her new year homage.

On his speech, the Students leader thanked the police ASP and appreciated her motherly love to students and equally thanked her for organizing the recent 2021 Amike-Aba Carnival which the leader described as a reminder of Izzi culture and tradition.

“ASP ma, we the Students of Izzi Nnodo clan are grateful for your motherly love towards the youths and students of Ndu izzi. Yes, you are a salary earner but you are doing what even our politicians have failed to do”.

“We equally heard of the Just concluded Amike-Aba Carnival which you solely sponsored, this particular program has revived Izzi culture and we are grateful.”

The Student president equally pleaded with the Police personnel to assist the students to speak with their political leaders and discuss the issue of high rate of students withdrawal from higher Institutions because of financial incapacitation, stressing that many students lost their admission owing to their inability to pay school fees while they have leaders who have the wherewithal to clear such fees.

“Ma, we equally came to identify with you, you are more closer to our stakeholders, and we came to plead with you to extend our plead to our leaders to include education or assistance of students in higher institutions as a priority.

“We loose closely 100 students yearly due to their inability to pay school fees and when we approach our leaders who would have helped, it seems they don’t listen to us.

” We plead ma, that you help us reach out to them to help the students.”

The police ASP in her reaction, thanked the students and promised to address all the issues raised during the visit and equally promised to monthly reach out to students financially as to help cushsion such issues whenever it arrives.

” If I say am not happy, I am the worst liar of the century.
“I don’t even know my that my little efforts has gone this far, when the Media Gurus of Ebonyi state University ( EBSU Media House) came to me the other time to offer me an award, I was marveled and you people has again surprised me with this visit.

“I am telling you people that we are now family and we will from time to time stay like this and sort things out.

” provide this organizational’s account and I will monthly reach out the little I can, once my salary enters I will pay my tithe. I will equally reach out to your leaders and Make them to stand to thier responsibilities.”

The Police Superintendent warned the students to avoid being a destruction tools to politicians and equally warn them to eschew unnecessary division in the name of Igbojima and Unwera kindred which she addressed as “Internal killer” and as well, promised the students to always stand by them whenever they’re molested unnecessarily by security forces.

“When I was organizing the Carnival this December, I came across many things that caused me to cry, a situation some stakeholders denied one an opportunity to help the masses simply because such person is not of same stupid tribe with him or her.

“As a promising leaders of tomorrow, don’t copy such, help the little you can and leave the rest to God.

“Once more, I will be there day and night to protect your right should any security man molest you.

“The only thing that can draw me back is if your hands are soiled. In social vices.”

The students ate, drank and merry with the police ASP and depart for thier various homes.


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    Abah kenneth Ogbonnaya

    You are truly a leader my 001, and i must show my profound gratitude to the Asp of a district in Anambra, Mrs Felicia Nwota. A role model and gift to Izzi Nnodo Ekumenyi who allowed herself to be used by God.
    I pray that God will continue to be with you all days, to make all provision you needed available to you and more also give you abundant life in jesus name. Amen.
    I must commend the effort of all the entire executives of Izzi Nnodo students under the leadership of His esteemed President; Comr (sen) Nwefihe victor Chinedu. May God bless each every one of you that has ever been in contribution to the success of Izhi students at large and i charge all of that we should love one another to enhance peace and unity and shun tribalism which has been a source of hindrance to Izhi Nation.
    God bless you all, i remain my humble self,
    Abah ken Ogbonnaya Abah
    Apostle of peace

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