Employment, Panecea to youth restiveness

It is undoubtedly that all the higher institutions in Nigeria produce no few than a million graduates annually but what becomes the fate of these persons once they find themselves back in the society pertaining to meaningful engagement remains a misery.
The effect of the Hydra headed monster called unemployment is not different at the state levels across the federation as the persons known to be the potential future leaders roam all nooks and crannies of their various localities and streets aimlessly owing to the fact that all the already existing factories are gradually advancing into moribond.
The graduates of whom majority are youths, having noticed a blunt future and body language of their political Office holders indicating that their ambitions could not be attained by relying on never implemented policies and programmes of those they elected into power, there by, organized a peaceful demonstration with the name “#ENDSARS” protest.

The situation when see inscriptions carried by the protesters is assumed to be a preliminary plan of what the youths had capitalized towards carrying out revolution against bad administration in Nigeria Political system.

Ebonyi State as a case study,where the last mass recruitment into Civil Service was done in the year 2015 inspite of the numerous ministries,parastatals and vacuums created by retirement based on age and sudden deaths of some staff.

To, this end, embargo should be lifted so that our teeming youths will be absorbed into various offices which would go a long way in curtailing upheaval of all sorts in the society.

Thanks to mr.president Mohammadu Buhari and Ebonyi State governor, Engr.David Umahi over the recent announcement of 2 billion naira empowerment targeting one hundred youths from each council area and another Federal Government #30,000 grant already mapped out for 300,000 artisans across the nation.

Nevertheless, hope that both sentiment and nepotism should be eschewed in the cause of disbursement or the system should not in any form be hijacked politically, otherwise, such action has the tendency of causing another mayhem worse than the recent experienced #ENDSARS protest.