Effium war: Group Commends Umahi for Return of Peace

…Calls on Ezza stakeholders to restrain their boys from further violence, destructions.

By our reporter

A group, Effium Indigenous Vanguard has alerted the security agencies,the Ebonyi state government and the general public to what they described as imminent threats to the on going peace efforts by the Ebo0nyi state government.

The group in a statement Thursday accused the Ezza warlords of disobeying the cease fire other as announced by the state government,alleging that Ezza mercinaries and warlords have continued to attack the Effiumites.

The statement which was signed by the Chairman,Godwin Oga and Secretary,Sampson Isih, condemned in the strongest terms the alleged killing of innocent natives of Ngboejeogu, Izzi, Arochukwu and Ikwo by Ezza warriors on the allegation that the victims were supporting the Effiumites.

They challenged the Ezzas to provide any proof that the people they killed were supported Effiumites against them.

They commended Ebonyi stat egovernment and the security agencies for their commitment to the restoration of peace in Effium even as they restated their commitment to the return of peace in the troubled Effium community.

They said ‘’having observed again, the sincere effort of the state government towards ensuring that
lasting peace returned to our dear community and observed with dismay, the sabotage
orchestrated and perpetuated by the Ezzas and in our resolve to restore permanent
peace in the community, it has again become necessary that we let the public know the
reality on ground.

‘[‘ We most sincerely appreciate the state government, led by His Excellency, Engr. David
Umahi, who, through the Deputy Governor, Barr. Eric Kelechi Igwe, the police, military
and other security agencies has ensured that the peace we enjoy today in Effium is
made possible. The provision of motorcycles and other logistics to the security agents
with which they parade the hinterlands of the community has really added to the success
story so far recorded.

‘’ It is no longer news that the Ezzas have continually attacked Effiumites both within and
outside the state as the security agencies have often countered them as they tried
penetrating towards Benue state and/or Nworie Ishieke Izzi/Onuebeta axis.

‘’ Last time, at Okporo Forest, Ezza mercenaries and warriors-turned bandits attacked the
Nigeria Police as usual and were matched with superior firepower of the security agents,
who gunned down one of them while some escaped with bullet wounds.

‘’ Recently, a group of Ezza boys moving to Nwekendiagu from Marie Ishieke Izzi axis,
were stopped at the Effium Police Station. A search operation led to the discovery of four
(4) Ak-47 rifles and other weapons from them.

‘’ Few days ago, some group of Ezza boys numbering about ten (10) were again arrested
with weapons by the military at Igbudoke/Okpobashi axis in a preparatory gathering to
attack Effiumites through Enwenyi village, the same village where they had killed and cut
off the head of an Arochukwu man of Abia state origin whose death has brought to 9 the
number of Arochukwu people so far killed by the Ezzas and their hired mercenaries.

‘’ Just yesterday, the Ezzas abducted one Rtd. ASP Nweke an indigene of Ikwo residing in
Effium. The said Rtd. ASP Nweke was a popular police officer who served and retired at
Effium Division and now operates a ‘bar joint’ opposite Effium Divisional Police
Headquarters. He was kidnapped around Nwanewo/Igbudoke axis on his way from
Nworie Ishieke where he has gone to buy goods for his bar business. We condemn this
latest onslaught against innocent natives of other tribes whose only crime is being
peaceful with their host community. Consequently, we give the Ezza bandits and their
sponsors 24 hours to release their hostage victim or else we will reached the inevitable
conclusion that the Ezzas have declared war on the entire old Abakaliki bloc.

‘’ Generally, we condemn in the strongest terms the barbaric and senseless killing of
innocent natives of Ngboejeogu, Izzi, Arochukwu and now Ikwo by Ezza warriors on the
mere allegation that they “support” Effium indigenes. We employ this press release to
challenge the Ezzas to tell the world with concrete proofs how these innocent Ebonyians
of old Abakaliki bloc have supported or are supporting the Effium indigenes; whether
through cash, supply of ammunition or even manpower to justify their elimination from
the face of the earth in the most despicable and gruesome manner of chopping off their
heads after subjecting them the most excruciating and agonizing death.

‘. We want the world to note that the Ezzas have killed virtually every tribe in Abakaliki bloc
including Izzi, Ngboejeogu and now Ikwo. We use this medium to ask the Ezzas if they have
declared war on the entire old Abakaliki bloc. We have again observed with dismay the inability
or unwillingness of Ezza leaders to control their boys who have now turned bandits. Ezzas
everywhere should show responsibility, capacity and good faith by calling their boys to order
before they jeopardise the interest of the entire state. This is so important because the activities
of Ezzas are gradually threatening peace and making it difficult for the state government to
pursue it is laudable peace project. Ezza Ezukuna should give peace a chance in view of the
National security situation in the country and support the genuine effort of the governor to make
Ebonyi state peaceful.

‘’ We also employ this press release to call on the security agents to address the
compromised release of 6 out of the 10 Ezza bandits arrested by the military at
Igbudoke/Okpobashi on Friday 14 th May, 2021 and we further call on all the relevant
authorities to ensure that they are re-arrested immediately and handed over to the police
for proper action.

‘’ Again, we wish to remind the Ezza Ezekuna that the Effium indigenes have been very
kind to the Ezzas living in Effium until their son, Hon. Chinedu Awo, who was imposed
on the people of Ohaukwu North Constituency came and destabilized the social
equilibrium and finally brought war to the once peaceful Effium community

‘’ We enjoin the Ezza leaders to stop shopping for who to blame in the face of clear and
obvious evidence as to the cause of this unfortunate crisis, they should stop lying to
themselves, they should be bold and honest enough to hold their son, Mr. Awo
responsible for all their woes and misfortunes else he will still commit more atrocities and
leave them to continue to look for who to blame.

At the moment, look no further, Ezza Nation, for your problem, the problem of the
battered image of the national is within. Mr. Chinedu Awo is your major enemy-within.

In searching for a solution to the problem, start from within. We call on Ezza Nation to
summon Chinedu Awo to their most sacred place to answer for the calamity he and
chief Titus Nworie brought upon Ezza people living in Effium.

‘’ As we conclude, let us use this medium to make it clear that Effium Indigenes have no dual
identity or hybrid personality and are not of differing extractions. The concept; and Effium indigenes
of Ezza Ezekuna Extraction coined recently by one Hon. Monday Eze is not only childish, ill conceived, but dead on mention, as nothing like that exist. It is either you are Effium indigene or
you are Ezza indigene living in Effium. We are proudly Indigenes of Effium.

The geographial region called Ezzas in our land should be proud to
accept the incontrovertible fact that they are Ezza Ezekuna indigenes, resident in Effium.

‘’ Finally, we, as usual, pledge our unalloyed support towards the peace moves of the state

government as we urge the Ezzas to stop provoking different tribes of Ebonyi state and

Igbo in general with their senseless killing of innocent citizens’’