Ebonyi Popular Farmer Cries For Help As Working Motorbike Broke Down Week He Loses Sister

From Nwogha Ndubuisi, Abakaliki

Entrepreneurial Ebonyi farmer, Obiade Dennis has appealed to concerned and good spirited individual to come to his aid.

The young and hardworking crop farmer who narrated how his farming instrument (motorcycle) broke down, prompting him to be carrying bamboo he’s to use in staking yam on his head.

Narrating his ordeal, Obiade described his condition as horrible, revealing that as a passionate farmer, he lost his sister and motorcycle broking down same period.

He hinted that he packed his old motorcycle because of 35,200 naira and not finding it easy as farming is his major source of livelihood and appealed to concerned individual to come to his assistance.

Recall that Mr Obiade was last year rice harvest season affected by the flood that bedeviled his rice swamp claiming paddy worth over a million Naira.

According to him, “Why I needed a brand new big motorcycle now, my old one is old enough, though still manageable but it broke down on Sunday 23 April while I was coming back from village after the burial of my late younger sister on Saturday 22end April 2023, the back rime/wheel got damage with the tire, when I went to machine site to buy another one and change them, I was told that the rime is now 22,000 while tire is 12,000 and tube is 1200 totaling the sum of 35,200.

I price The rime 16k because the last time I bought it, it was 12k that I bought it back then, all effort to get it done prove abortive as I don’t have enough money now, do to others sides expenses that I am facing, so, I packed it and decided to use my little cub bike for my farm work but it is not helping me enough in team of carrying loads, just small cassava stems that I bought today at nwida market, something that I should have carried once with my big bike, I later go it three times because the carry is not big enough to carry big load.

He added, “Even the bamboos that I used head to carry yesterday to my farm, had it been that, that my big bike is here with me, I could have used it to carry it to a nearer place to the farm before using head to take it into the farm, but it was head that I used to carry it and follow the tick forest in other to see shortcut to the farm, I can’t tell you how many snakes I saw in the forest but thank God their didn’t harm me their always ran away upon seeing me knowing too well that I am the king of the Bush/forest.”