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A Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh, has declared interest to contest for the governorship of Ebonyi State in 2023.

Dr Ezeh, an Oxford University trained Entrepreneur and business man of good repute, made this known during Ebonyi State PDP expanded State Executive Council meeting held on Tuesday.

He pledged to resolve issues surrounding the moribund Nigeria Cement Nkalagu (NigerCem) within 100 days in office, if elected Governor of the State.

He noted that NigerCem would not just be revived but would serve as the driver of the industrialization policy of his administration, in order to provide jobs for the teeming unemployed Ebonyi Youths.

The Governorship hopeful further said his administration would be anchored on the people, adding that he would bring back people elements to governance.

He also pledge to restore the place of Intellectuals in Governance, in order to bring deep and critical thinking to governance issues in the State.

He said that with the diversity of experience he is bringing to the table like his Finance background, leadership training from one of the world’s elite institutions, multiple doctorate qualifications, one of which is from Nigeria’s premier institution University of Nigeria(UNN), a business career spaning multiple fields such as Media, ICT, Renewable Energy, etc. He is coming prepared.

According to him, Our vision as a government will be anchored on three Pillars, Recovery, Rebuilding and Restoration of Ebonyi State to the original dreams of our founding fathers.

His words, “My Government shall bring back the People Elements to Governance. The thrust of our Government shall be anchored on People first.

“Issues around Niger Cement Nkalagu shall be resolved within the 1st 100 days in office. Nigercem Nkalagu shall be the driver of our Industrialization Policy

“Our Administration’s job is to get Nigercem up and in production to provide needed jobs for our people in line with our People First Focus. Our vision as a government to be anchored on three Pillars, Recovery, Rebuilding and Restoration of Ebonyi State to the original dreams of our founding fathers. This is not about selling our patrimony, but ensuring we play to our comparative advantages

“We shall bring deep and critical thinking back to governance issues in Ebonyi State and restore the place of Intellectuals in Governance.”

He commended the efforts of past administration in Ebonyi State, stating that the next Governor of the state will have his hands loaded. This administration built for the future, but a critical part is missing – The Human Development part. I will bring that aspect into the basket and quickly develop the state to match the dreams and vision of the present administration. Ebonyi indeed has been blessed with visionary leaders simply because our very first executive governor Distinguished Sen. Dr. Sam Ominyi Egwu built a solid foundation upon which Chief Martin Elechi took off from.

With the present challenges facing Nigeria and Ebonyi State now, Ebonyi requires a man of ideas. It takes a man who can create wealth to manage wealth.

Dr. Ezeh called on PDP to ensure that zoning is maintained in Ebonyi State noting that Ebonyi State was created as answered prayers from oppression and neglect. ‘We are one people’ he echoed. “We must do all to bring down the tension around equity and zoning”.

He called on professionals and technocrats to embrace politics noting the words of Haile Selessie that “.. evil thrives when people who should speak up keep silent”. It noteworthy that Dr Ezeh is the current President of Ebonyi Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture and also the 2nd Deputy President, South East Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (SECCIMA) and National Officer of NACCIMA the leader of organized private sector (OPS) in Nigeria. He comes highly networked and promises to make Ebonyi an Outlier for Transformational leadership.

On Voters Education he enumerated his ambitious project of 5m new voters from South East and 1.3m new voters which he said will help Ebonyi State realise the dreams of electing His Excellency, Distinguished Sen. Dr. Pius Anyim, the in-coming president of Nigeria.

“To the ordinary people of Ebonyi State, my brothers and sisters, fathers and and mothers, during my administration, you never be treated as ‘ordinary’. You shall form the thrust and focus of my administration.

“I am saddened that everywhere you look, you see Ebonyians being treated as dirt. Majority of hawkers in major towns in Nigeria are you my brothers. I see you and I feel your pains. All I ask of you is to get your PVCs and be ready to vote for us. They have money, we have you. For the already defeated, the despondent, let this beautiful lyrics by Nathaniel Bassey wake you up to what is possible. This is who you are, you Ebonyians;

“Your Greatness is all I see
There is nothing you cannot do
There’s no mountain you cannot move
If you have said it
Then you will do it
Cause You have a Track record
Of keeping Words
And you’re not about
To stop doing it now”

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