Ebonyi Govt Launches Blue Economy Project

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By Nwogha Ndubuisi, Abakaliki

In a groundbreaking move to harness untapped potentials and drive economic growth, the Ebonyi State Government has officially inaugurated the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Pilot Project on Blue Economy. This visionary initiative aims to leverage the state’s waterways for economic prosperity, marking a significant step towards sustainable development.

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The inauguration ceremony, presided over by the Secretary to the State Government, Professor Mrs. Grace Umezurike, emphasized the strategic importance of the Blue Economy project. She conveyed a message on behalf of His Excellency, the Governor of Ebonyi State, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, highlighting the committee’s pivotal role in realizing the project’s objectives.

“His Excellency found you worthy for this project, and it is a trust of confidence bestowed on you, and I have no doubt that you will deliver as expected,” declared Professor Umezurike, urging the committee members to dedicate themselves to the success of the venture.

The newly appointed Chairman of the committee, Hon. Solomon Azi, who is also the Commissioner for Grants and Donor Agency, expressed gratitude for the trust placed in the committee by the State Government. In his acceptance speech, he outlined the committee’s commitment to ensuring Ebonyi State’s integration into the global landscape of Blue Economy initiatives.

“May I, on behalf of the committee members, accept this onerous duty entrusted to our hands by the State Government. We promise that we are going to do our best to make sure that Ebonyi State Government joins other International Organizations in Blue Economy projects such as the International Maritime Organization, Maritime Technology Operation Centre in Africa, the NIMASA, and the Ministry of Blue Economy at the federal level,” Hon Azi affirmed.

The committee comprises dedicated individuals with diverse expertise, including Michael Agha Irem as the Secretary, Engineer Chinedu Uhuo as the Technical Personnel, and Permanent Secretaries from the Ministries of Health, Environment, and Agriculture as members. Their collective task is to oversee the proper management of the state’s waterways to enhance its economy.

Blue Economy, as a concept, involves the sustainable utilization of aquatic resources, including rivers, lakes, and oceans, to foster economic growth. By strategically positioning Ebonyi State within this framework, the committee aims to unlock new opportunities for commerce, fisheries, tourism, and environmental sustainability.

This laudable initiative aligns with global best practices, reflecting Ebonyi State’s commitment to innovation and economic diversification. As the committee embarks on this crucial assignment, the eyes of the nation are on Ebonyi, anticipating a success story that could serve as a blueprint for other states aspiring to maximize their water resources for economic advancement.

The Ebonyi State Government’s decision to embrace the Blue Economy is a testament to its forward-thinking approach to governance. With the Inter-Ministerial Committee now in place, the journey towards a thriving, water-centric economy has officially begun, marking a significant chapter in the state’s history of progressive development.