Ebonyi community where farmers levy themselves for rural road project

— Appeal Govt for construction of culverts,Health Centre ,others

By Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy

Nguji Ojiegbe is a village in Igbeagu autonomous community of Izzi Local Government Area, Ebonyi State where inhabitants are predominantly subistence farmers and major mainly on tuber and seed crops among yam,rice Cassava,pepper et.c

Subsequent upon deteriorated nature of their major internal roads especially the one leading to the popular community known,Nwakpu market which farmers had cried several times calling for the grading of the road to enable them take their farm produce to the market.

When it seems that all hope had been dashed on air,the people of Nguji Ojiegbe resorted to self help by tasking all male children born in the village to give their financial aid to help grade their roads which today, a whoop of over two million naira has been generated and spent on the internal roads that linked them with Okwerike,Edupfu Uzashi,Ndunwampfu,Ogbodo(ipfe-igwe), Nkaleke, and major Nwakpu market.
However, the villagers appeal to Ebonyi State and local government to come to their aid by providing them with health and acquisition centers, even as, they lament of scarcity of drinkable water.

According to the village Head,Chief Alexander Edegbe, explained that the decision to levy the people for the internal roads was taken following devastated nature and danger posed by the road which made it difficult conveying their farm produce to the market.

He lamented that the people in their wisdom embarked on the project to ameliorate their plight since no government presence is felt in the part of the state, adding that the action would help promote economic development of the area.

The village Head who described the road earlier as dead trap hinted that though,alot had been done by grading the internal roads which they have spent over two million and nine hundred thousand naira but more two million and eight hundred thousand naira is needed to complete the work.

some community dwellers present

He added that despite their contributions,that the people cannot do it alone as five culverts are needed in different parts of the village as to sustain and control erosion on the road.

Chief Edegbe appealed to Ebonyi State government,non governmental organizations, senator representing Ebonyi North Senatorial Zone,Dr.Sam Egwu and member representing Abakaliki/Izzi Federal Constituency and his counterpart in State House of Assembly,Hon.Anthony Nwegede to come to their rescue.

Lending his voice,Chief Okemini Nkwudaovu commended the villagers especially their stakeholders for their support and the state Governor whose wisdom they are tapping from and urged the state government to extend their infrastructural development to rural areas.

In their different contributions,Chief Ugbala Jonas, village Secretary and Chief Ogbonna Aduga, Committe Member enumerated economic important of the internal roads to the rural farmers noting that it’s impact on the lives of the people cannot be over emphasized.

The village Secretary while appreciating the state governor for the introduction of concrete road in major roads in the state,urged him to introduce same on the road that lead to known Nwakpu market and it’s environs to better lives of the rural farmers.