Ebonyi Aviation commissioner commends Nigeria military over sacrifices for unity

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By Nwogha Ndubuisi, Abakaliki

Ebonyi state commissioner on Aviation and transport technology, Mrs. Ngozi Obichukwu has said that the peace and unity of the country is wholesomely dependant on the Nigerian Military.

Obichukwu, made this known while addressing the National defence college, Course 32 Study team, who toured the Chuba Okadigbo’s International Airport, Onueke Ezza South LGA.

“Over the years, the military in Nigeria have not changed, and the unity of Nigeria is dependant on them. The efforts the military is putting to ensure that the country is peaceful can never be over emphasized. Over the years, without the military, I don’t know what would have happened to Nigeria.

“And despite that, we have so many challenges around the world, not only in Nigeria, and some of the problems we have is not only peculiar to Nigeria alone.

The commissioner, Obichukwu further revealed the committed efforts of the governor, Francis Nwifuru to launch an airline for the state, as soon as the airport’s runway is fixed.

“Our governor, Francis Nwifuru has the peace and unity of Nigeria at heart, and he welcomes any program that would promote peace and development of the country. The governor has passion to make the Chuba Okadigbo’s International Airport to be functional, he made it possible for commercial flights to be landing and taking off from here, until it was discovered that the runway should be rehabilitated.

“The contractor, IDC, that is working on it are on ground, making sure that by May next year, all the things needed for runway is done. The governor is negotiating to have our own Ebonyi Airways, that’s our own flight. And as soon the runway is ready, we launch it” she said.

The commissioner, Obichukwu who equally inaugurated a legal department to tackle issues of Crisis in the Aviation ministry noted that: “The Inauguration of legal department of the Chuba Okadigbo’s International Airport, is to ensure that there is peace, unity and order in the Aviation ministry.

“Even the issues of contractors not doing their work well or contractors abandoning their works, or contractors being over paid, contractors not being paid at all, will be trashed from the ministry before it gets to the public.

“Where ever we are in this country, you know that the issues of transport, especially flight cancellation, flight missing, over payment, etc has constituted a lot of problems, and if we don’t track it from the ministry, it may escalate.

“These are people that tries to ensure that there is peace and order in Nigeria, and anything that is short of peace, there will be no development, no progress and their course is quiet applauded.

“The innovation came at the right time, because by this time next year, once the runway is completed, there will be heavy activities here. This is an international airport, and there will be challenges but with the legal department, they will be able to handle these things. We are prioritizing the issue of security, peace and development” she added.

In a remark, the Attorney general and commissioner for justice, Mr. Ben Odoh tasked the newly inaugurated legal department of the Chuba Okadigbo’s International Airport to establish a space law centre that may translate into Aviation School to cover the south east region.

He equally tasked the legal department of the Airport to sponsor a course from their legal unit, for them to have Aviation law in the law faculties of Ebonyi State University and Alex Ekweme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, FUNAI.