Ebonyi 2023: Ex-EBOSACA Boss Joins Governorship Race

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The former Executive Secretary, Ebonyi State Agency for Control of Aids, (EBOSACA), Chief Augustine Nwazunku, has declared his interest to contest for the Governorship position of Ebonyi State on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), come 2023.

Nwazunku, a retired civil servant under Ebonyi State civil service, who is now a lecturer at the department of Environmental Health Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe Unversity, Awka, made this known during a chat with Journalists in Abakaliki on weekend.

Speaking, the gubernatorial aspirant said he was throwing his hat to the ring having observed a lot of unattended areas, unfinished businesses and unharnessed potentials in the State.

He said he was fully equipped and had gained enough experiences and maturity, courtesy of various responsibilities he had handled in the past, to lead the State as a Governor to its prosperity.

“Having observed a lot of unattended areas, unfinished businesses, unharnessed potentials in the State, I consulted the God of my realization, having used the hands of my fellow man then to support me, I now ask Him, ‘choose my own hand as the hand you will use to nurture other Ebonyians and all residents of Ebonyi State’.

“And based on that, I decided to ask my fellow human beings to allow me to apply to be assessed and be admitted or engaged as the Chief Servant of Ebonyi State in the position and office of the Governor of the State come 2023.

“So, based on that and realizing that there is no masquerade that decorates itself, and realizing that the office of the Governor which is the pivotal platform for service for the people of Ebonyi State, is owned by Ebonyi people and not my private property; therefore, having consulted the God of my realization, I have to inform those who are the owners of the position and the portfolio, that’s the masses.

“Currently, in Nigeria, we don’t have independent candidacy; So with that, I have identified myself with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which has been my party for ages, as a platform, and having notified them essentially, I join my Party to ask the masses that I have applied to be assessed and to be granted the opportunity to serve as the Governor of the State, come 2023.

The Governorship hopeful said, if given the opportunity to govern the State, he would ensure rapid and even development of all sectors, saying, “in the drive to improving the lots of Ebonyi State, there is no sector that will be neglected. Any sector of the socioeconomic life of a people you neglect,you are not ready to make them happy, and you are not ready to give them life.”

He enjoined the people to support and rally round him to become the next Governor in order to make Ebonyi better than ever.

“This is the time for us to come together and initiate a process of making an Ebonyi State that will be better than it has ever been, because in my cultural setting, it is said that tomorrow, definitely, will be better than today,” he said.

Nwazunku further expressed optimism that the PDP would defeat the APC overwhelmingly in Ebonyi State, come 2023

“On behalf of myself and my party, let me tell you that Ebonyi State is already being ruled on the PDP’s mandate. So the power has never shifted from the PDP and I can assure you that the PDP is ever ready to sustain the mandate. We are not going to wrestle it, it’s the PDP’s mandate that’s ruling the State. So, there is nothing to wrestle,” he boasted