Cult killings: INYF National President Threatens to Trail Killer Group

Comrade Ben Nwovu President Izzi Nnodo Youth Forum

Comrade Ben Nwovu is the National President Izzi Nnodo Youth Forum, the youth apex socio-cultural Organization in Izhi land, Abakaliki exclusive who doubles as Special Assistant to Executive governor of Ebonyi state on Internal Security North,in this interview with Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy, highlights readiness of the people to forestall cult activities in the capital city and entire Nothern zone.

May I know you Sir.

I am Comrade Ben Nwovu, National President Izzi Nnodo Youth Forum and Special Assistant to the executive governor of Ebonyi state on Internal Security Ebonyi northern zone.

Recently,there was killing in different parts of the state which alleged to be ochestrated by cult group,are you aware?

First of all, I wish to thank you Gentlemen of the press for your contributions towards societal development.
Just last week,there was a report of shooting at Ezza North,Ahia-ofu precisely which is outskirt of the urban where a man of four children was said to be shot dead and another one which recorded one person dead and another,hospitalized.

So,it started giving us a very serious concern because this thing is happening at the time of the defection of His Excellency Engr.David Umahi to the ruling All Progressives Congress.

We felt that it was embarrassing that such a thing could happen at the time like this because gullible minds would link it to politics but I believe it is not Political differences as perceived in some quarters because the governor of the state is still in power and not contesting anything against anybody.

His defection is a welcome development and am calling people to stop politicize it,as it was done for the interest of the state and Igbo nation generally.

Sir, how can you describe security situation currently?

The country after the recent Covid-19 outbreak has truly been on serious challenge ranging from the pandemic to #EndSARS before the imbrigio of cult Killings.
Finding has proven that those boys are fingered to be miscreants that once attacked Police stations, and that’s the way I felt it is.
Because one was at Onueke, Kpirikpiri, Presco and at Hilltop,then,it started giving us serious concern even when most of these places are not my area of assignment but when it escalated to Kpirikpiri, Presco and Hilltop we raised alarm to say “enough was enough”.

To this end, we raised communique which was read on radio for more than eight days to let people know that Izhi youth cannot allow miscreants to come and destroy our place.

Ebonyi North, and Izzi People precisely are very humane and will never allow such thing in our land and we have also discovered that since this thing started at Ezza South and North,that they should go home and settle their squabbles as we cannot allow it to continue in our area.

What could be the permanent solution to this?

Cultism is as old as the institution. The only problem is that this point in time,it is no longer be practice as those who initiated it did.
It was a society for the genius which was formed to avered from intimidation at the time Nigeria students were intimidated and they were group that stands firm to correct some vices in the higher institutions.
But it has continued to modified now that even artisan,roadside vulcanizer and school drop out are now into Cultism.

What we have today as cultists are more of street boys who are who are frustrated, those who cannot go to school or afford to learn work which if you interogate them you will know that they are not students, and even those who manage to be found in school environment have no registration number but go about causing harm in the name of Cultism.
In it all,I will say that they are going to be eliminated by the time we done with our Sensitization throughout the whole state and Izhi as a clan will take our own to our ancestral home to administer an oath. I believe after this,it will go in a long way to curtail it.
It will interest you to know that anybody carrying cuttlass,gun or axe is a criminal and whenever apprehended will be treated as one.

How has the current administration help to correct the abnomalies?

The leadership of Engr. David Umahi has been sincere in this fight, because 75% of his Political appointees are able bodied youth and those so appointed, also appoint two to three others either as Special Assistants, Personal Assistants,drivers and advisers which is another way to reduce idleness among the youth.
Another way is the massive empowerment programmes among the 3 billion naira mapped to encourage them into self independency.
Also,he had some times ago introduced a programme where renounced cultists were empowered with two hundred thousand naira and those who took the bold step by going to deliverance has seen change in their lives.
It’s clear that the empowerment programmes has helped reduce cultism to the barrest minimum and made the state the safest until recently.

Political office holders are always accused as engineer of the the dreadful group,what is your take?

Yes, Political office holders have their roles to play but our Sensitization programme is very important because after that our youth will know how to tackle those blood thirsty and power hungry politicians who give them gun or cutlass to go after their fellow by gathering morale to ask them question whenever they try influencing them on such wrong attitude.
They will be bold to ask them to also assign their sons or daughter in the deadly mission,then, will you know that they sent their children abroad for schooling and want you to take bullet on their head.
So,by the time we finished with the sensitization,those bad blood politicians will look for youth to use but will see none.
Then,they will have a rethink;they will have a change but the change must start from us the youth to say”No to crime”.
We can report to police if you are intimidated to take gun and it will be handle appropriately.
Politicians should know that politics of these days is no longer of axe and gun because with the presence of social media, activities of politicians are recorded on daily basis.
Therefore, people are now voting based on aspirants’ antecedents; what you have done,what you will be able to do, and know that even students are recording you because there’s a life you live and with the presence of social media, they will be keeping your records.
Politicians should have a change because what you do will live with you, not after you. So, they should have change of heart.

You threatened to trail cultist in your recent announcement, elucidate Sir?

Of course,we will soon launch Anti Cultism Vanguard group which will be known as Izzi Nnodo Youth Anti Cult group and anytime we hear any news of cult activity in any part of Izhi clan which comprises of Abakaliki, Izzi and Ebonyi LGAs’,we will go there and fish out those involved, make sure they face wrath of the law.
By so doing, before 2023 when we will ripe for us to occupy our governorship position, Izhi clan will have no trace of cult group.

Your advice to the metropolitan especially in this yuletide season?

They should know that security is everybody’s business ,so should call us by reporting any suspected movement to any of the security agencies in the state as we are ready to rid all forms of crime in the state, making safest state in the country.