Concern Citizen Writes Open Letter to Council Chairmen of Izhi Extraction

— Harps on Economic Empowerment of Youths

By Turning Point Crew

A concern Izhian who gave his name as Comrade Nwankwuda Clement has in an open letter addressing three Council Chairmen of Izhi extraction appealed for the economic empowerment of the youths of the clan as to forestall increase cases of crime in the nearest future.

In an open letter made available on his social media page, commended the three executive chairmen of the three Local Government Area of Izhi extraction for their benevolent attitudes towards the youths.

He appreciated their financial support but harped on the necessity of empowering the teeming jobless youth who cluster at their houses seeking for monetary assistance as to curtail the unfortunate brigade of crime that would likely emanate when nobody would be there to continue with the aid.


“Dear Emmanuel, Paul and Chinyere.


Greetings to you.

“May I congratulate you officially for making it to the Office for the second time. As you know, some of your colleagues who walked with you on this path (second term) were consumed half way by the aftermath of Covid-19 outbreak. But you, against all odds, made it. Like the Palmist will say –”This is the LORD’S doing…” I am happy for you.

“Let me also salute your courage in joining the ruling All Progressive Congress with our dear Governor, Engr. David Umahi. It is not only a sign of loyalty and good followership but, also an indication that you have foresight like the Number One Citizen. I have the conviction however, that you are all enjoying the ‘breath of fresh air’ ushered by the Next Level.

“I may not (in your own views) be in the position to address your office, since I’m not a ‘stakeholder’ of any sort; but as my leader and a progressive partner I felt I should offer you some piece of advice and useful suggestions to help you make direct impact on the lives of our people. Because if you succeed, we will all bathe in your reflected glory. But if you fail, you will wear the crown of shame all alone.

“Honourable, before leaving office in September 2022, there are few things I feel you should do that will stand you tall when the doors of the Executive Office will be closed behind you.
First, look at the number of full-blooded youths who flood your quarters/offices every morning. A handful of them are in your payroll, some into revenue collection (called contract), others get financial assistance at one time or the other, while some other people are at the mercy of your kind magnanimity – ‘when the Holy Spirit moves you’, you doll out huge sum to them.
“I must commend your kind gesture.
But the question is: What will be the fate of these young promising youths when you leave the office? Do they have anything to fall back on? Of course NO! They have no job in the first place.

“In the light of the above, I appeal to you not to think of employment as a solution; neither would seminar/workshop or sumit be a solution. Because when you organize seminar or sumit you end up enriching the resource persons and organizers, while the participants go back home with nothing but the usual grammar. Instead, you can marry them to the ingenuity of the talented Aba(in Abia state) people in the areas of Metal Fabrication, Clothing and Fabrics Design, Automobile, Leather Production/Work, Textile Production etc.
My point here is this, with 500k you can select two youths and give them to the best hands in Aba to undergo training on the areas mentioned above. You can do this once in every two months; and that will give you (for the remaining 21 months in office) about 22 persons who would have been given a hope of survival in less than four years to come.

“Again, you can start a program; call it any name –’Be Your Boss”, sort of. Where you can select two persons in each Community of your Council Areas and give them 1m each to venture into the untapped business opportunities, under strict supervision and monitoring. This will only cost you only 11m, miscellaneous inclusive. Am sure it is not too much for a Council to afford.

“On sports, let us be more practical and sincere. I bet you there are people in our Council Areas who can play more than Okocha and the likes. I will expect you to identify these boys who have intimidating expertise in football and hand them over to Kanu Nwankwo or the likes, on a contract basis to mentor and feature them in the national and, or international team within a specific time.
The same thing is applicable in Film making. Select one or two persons, contract the likes of Zack Orji, Pete Edochie to mentor them for about a year or more and feature them in international movies.
Make it happen today, I know you can.

“Let me remind you that you are serving the most revered, richly blessed and unique people whose unity, culture and hospitality are second to none.
But somewhere, somehow our unity has been compromised. This brings me to the second issue – “Disunity and politics of rancour”.
The cause of disunity/division in Izhi Clan is PARTY POLITICS. About 90% of all the villages under your care are in crisis. Name-calling, witchcraft, false accusations, fighting and killing everywhere. Why? Can’t we disagree without fighting. Can’t we say no to each other without reaching to our guns, matchete and clubs.
As a number one citizen of your Council, with due respect lady and gentlemen, you are guilty of these to some extent. Yes, why would you attack another for not being in your party. Why must you accuse another falsely and intimidate him with security personnel for not supporting you. You may not do these by yourself but your boys do, with your consent. Why would they report a village crisis to you and you will choose to give your supporters soft landing. The person who is not supporting you today may support you tomorrow, likewise the one supporting you today may as well not support you tomorrow.
Let’s take it easy biko! Position is one after another.
We all have the responsibility to speak the truth and refute falsehood.

“Undoubtedly, you are doing well; just that you have to do more. Be mindful of people around you, some of you are gradually being destroyed by the people you call your field soldiers and even your godfathers.
They call you ‘Okpobe Chairman’, ‘Omerugeopfuru’ and ‘Ada Eji Eje Mba’ (yes, you may have meritoriously earned these names) but, be discreet (as) to know when it turn to mockery.
The only way to escape the corruptible effect of praise is to go on working.

“As I end this letter, I challenge you to stand up and take charge. Take decision as the executive Chairman. Stop paying too much attention to your godfathers; they annointed and gave you their blessings for the position –’and then what?’ The electorates gave you their mandate and you are answerable to them. That doesn’t mean you should disrespect your godfathers, NO! During festive period, pay them a visit with cows and fatty envelopes as usual; but pay more attention to the masses.

“May God bless you as you begin to take uncommon steps today in making empowerment more practical and clamping down on rancorous party politics.
Be the change we desire in the ‘Next Level’.

Kind regards.

Clement Nwankwuda
Igbeagu community.