Commissioner Emegha Urges Journalists To Be Objective In Reportage, Others

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By Our Reporter

Ebonyi State Commissioner for Internal Security Boarder Peace and Conflicts Resolution, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha has urged media Practitioners to always be objective and balance in their reportage,even as they join hands with Ebonyi State government in the fight against insecurity bedeviling the state.

Stanley Okoro Emegha

Chief Emegha stated this on Thursday, during a chat with the members of Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN) Ebonyi State chapter.

The Commissioner appealed to the members of the fourth estate of the realm to always file verifiable reports and stand on the side of the truth, not minding who is involved, noting that security is the business of every body.

He frowned at the recent press statement from members of the National Assembly led by the former state governor and present senator representing Ebonyi North constituency,Dr Sam Egwu, describing the whole allegations that the state government procured AK-47 rifle for the Ebubeagu security outfit contained in the statement as false and unfounded.

He warned Ebonyians to be weary of people like Sam Egwu who has outlived his political relevance, but rather than step aside from the corridors of power and allow the younger ones who has interest of masses at heart to represent them, Egwu chose to perpetuate himself in power to the detreament of the people and for his personal and Selfish gain.

According to him “These people are no longer creative, the innovation is no longer there, they are no longer with any brain, they will be sleeping on duty; you can’t call somebody like Sam Egwu to come out by 10pm and he will come out, except in Abuja where he is going from one hotel to another, to go do champagne and then the young youth will be suffering, he has taken his time, our own time and he wants to take our children’s time. All we are battling now is not only for ourselves but to protect tomorrow of our children, but such people will be openly telling lies, the man that supposed to be instructing others to avoid telling lies,” Emegha added.

Emegha further asserted that Egwu has displayed a dishonourable irresponsible conduct.

“You people should see somebody who supposed to be responsible, chose to be irresponsible – somebody like Sam Egwu. A man that should have been Honourable, chose to be Dishonourable person. He came out to say boldly that we procure AK47 for Ebubeagu, a practical thing all of you can see here”.

He equally extolled the leadership style of Governor David Umahi, saying if other governors who had ruled the state performed like Umahi, Ebonyi would have been a reference point in terms of evident development.

“Even during Sam Egwu, the money was there, there was excess crude oil coming, alot of things were coming, by now and after Dave Umahi, I believe that anybody taking over as our governor in 2023 would have run maintenance culture. We will be seen as the best state, but see somebody who wants to continue – go and trace the genesis of Sam Egwu, he doesn’t has any other business, except the creation of Ebonyi State, this state is his business, after this one, he will go another one.

Earlier in his speech, Ebonyi OMPAN Chairman, Comrade Celestine Okeh, explained that the Association was in his office to seek for ways of forming a healthy Synergy in projecting the activities and programs of his ministry to the limelight.

Comrade Okeh revealed to Chief Emegha that the Association has concluded plans to host a Media Summit in the state which will be centered on ways of combating the security challenges in the state.

He commended the commissioner for his proactiveness and various measures he has put in place in tackling the security challenges in the state, assuring that the members of the Association will remain unbiased, objective and balance in the discharge of their professional duty.

On their part, OMPAN member, Dr Tiben Benz Nwali, the managing Editor of Leaders Prime Newspaper and Comrade Israel Mbam, managing Editor of people’s Guide Newspapers, stated that the Association deemed it fit to organize a world class media summit which will be focused on security issues, saying that Ebonyi people will be needed to attend the event to see the reasons of shunning any act that is capable of flaming insecurity.