Colum:(Echoes of the season): Before Izhi People Slide Into Golgotha

By Onyibe Jeremiah

I write to you dear leaders and good people of Izhi Nnodo clan because the nation known for hard work and hospitality is now a place for ridicule and her children seen begging for arms in the city centers while their women doing the most despicable jobs in the far away town and villages.

Alas, her youths and young ones are seen running after cars in the traffic and hold-ups in the different cities of the country and there is urgent concern to curb the menace before we finally slide to golgotha, a place of no return.

A concern was raised on social media on the alarming numbers of our children and women begging for arms and doing menial jobs in different states in the country,most especially at places like Onitsha, Awka, Asaba, Lagos, Warri and many other cities.

Personally, I have been in the most places and have witnessed such ugly trend which is starring our faces and putting our image on the bad map before the entire world.

We are not going to shy away from this sad reality but device an approach to curbing this menace and restore back the true integrity of Izhi man which is hard work and hospitality.

I suggest that immediate and progressive action be taken to arrest this ugly trend which is trying to dent our true image.

Immediate action of constituting a committee that will visit most places which our people mostly stay to beg for arms and do menial jobs with major objectives of bringing them back home and integrate them to the society by sending some children back to school while others will be send to gain more skills or establish business of their choice and this is where we needed government, NGOs, and philanthropists to assist us.

While Progressive measures that require inputs of every individuals, Community leader, religious leaders and volunteers in form of sensitization, thence, will not only reach the villages to speak with both parents and children but also mentor our children to ensure that they engage in meaningful ventures which will better secure their future.

If we are to wait for government to get it fixed for us, it will be very difficult but if we as people decided to end this ugly trend it will be swiftly done and by 5 years today, we will have Izhi of our dream.

Ge oduru Izhi Le reee oooo.

Comrade Deacon Onyibe Jeremiah,is a columnist with i-Turning Point (Izhi Tehu Foundation) , the first Izhi indigenous Newspaper.