“The man and his days”: HRM Nwiboko Obodo Onyike (Onwe), Aphulenya Ekwe

Biography of HRM Nwiboko Obodo Culled from the Facebook Wall of Sir Odonoh Agbadu, Sebastine Valentine Echezona (KSJI). HRM Nwiboko Obodo Onyike (Onwe), Aphulenya Ekwe: The Lion-Like Man Whose Influence Extended Even to the Child in the Womb. My grand father, High Chief Nwiboko Obodo was born in 1893 into the rich family of Chief Onwe Aliobu of Idembia village in Ishieke clan. His grand father was Pa Aliobu Ali, who hailed from Amanamnta village of Unwuegara Ezechaji community, Izhia Ohaukwu. It’s of great importance to note emphatically that High Chief Nwiboko Obodo’s grand father, Pa Aliobu Ali migrated from Izhia clan to settle at Ishieke autonomous community where he lived and naturalized at Idembia village of Ishieke. His mother Ugoeze Iboko Una hailed from Anmegu, the ancestoral home of Izhi people. However, HRM Nwiboko Obodo was born […]