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Andrew Carnegie may be the most influential philantropist in American history. The scale of his giving is almost without peer; adjusted for inflation, his donations exceed those of virtually everyone else in the nations history.

In Anioma Autonomous community, a noble philantropist like Andrew Carnegie has been identified. He is, High Chief (Dr) Wisdom Chukwuma Okoye. (Ozo Amamifechukwu 1 of Isuokoma).
He is from Mgbaleze in Anioma Autonomous community, Onicha LGA, Ebonyi State.

He has traveled far and wide, across many nations of the world. In 2020, due to his philantropic gestures, The Institute of Cooperate and Public Administrators of Nigeria offered him Honourary Doctorate Degree award at the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG), Nigeria.

At home,
High Chief. (Dr.) Wisdom Chukwuma Okoye haven been empowered by God in the business world over 20 years back returned home, constructed pipe born water that cost over 3 million Naira at that time to his people and till date, the village hasn’t lacked water.

  • He single handedly constructed village roads in Mgbaleze village, Anioma Autonomous community,
  • He constructed over 7 culverts in his village of birth, Mgbaleze in Anioma Autonomous community.
  • He beautified his ancestral home, Mgbaleze, likewise some other parts of Isu community, including the palace of HRH Eze Ambrose Ogbu of Isu Autonomous community, with solar energy powered street lights.
  • Many Students from Mgbaleze and beyond are in the Universities today under his sponsorship.

High Chief (Dr.) Wisdom Chukwuma Okoye has moved some youths of Anioma Isu to some other countries of the world including the United States of America, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries where they have stayed for years and are doing marvellously good at their abode and at home.

Just few days back, it was carried in the newspapers where ANIOMA STUDENTS IN EBONYI STATE UNIVERSITY Paid him a courtesy visit at home and gave him award of excellence.

According to an Igbo proverbs “Obu agu one ka Nwoke ga’egbu topu oburu – ogbu’agu”?

High Chief.(Dr.) Ozo Amamifechukwu 1 of Isuokoma land is a gentle man who believes in equity, fairness, justice and tranquility.
During the last Governorship election, he showcased what he believes and advised the people of Anioma accordingly.
He’s not a partisan politician, he’s addicted to preaching peace everywhere and that is why he believes in this Bible teaching “Give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar – Mark 12:17”.
However, it’s unfortunate to note that after the election, some miscreants who are believed not to have come from ANIOMA attacked his house, firing gun shots as if they were in Vietnam war. All thanks and praise to Almighty God who gave The Nigerian Police Security men attached to him the strength and wherewithal to professionally chase them away.

High Chief (Dr.) Wisdom Chukwuma Okoye hates injustice and cannot be paid to pervert justice. He fights for the oppressed irrespective of the financial or other materials it could cost him.

High Chief (Dr.) Wisdom Chukwuma Okoye is a God sent for Anioma autonomous community and the people has been praying that he becomes their King.
According to the people, he’s not contesting for Eze. Instead, he should be crowned their Eze. “maka na adighi azo Eze azo .
Ka Chineke mezie’okwu

Mazi. Okechukwu Njoku (JP)
Chairman, Anioma Progressive Team. (APT).