2023: It’s Election Coming, Not War- Ezeh Warns

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From Nwogha Ndubuisi, Abakaliki

Support group for the House of Representatives candidate, Abakaliki/Izzi federal constituency under the platform of Labour Party, LP, identified as Immaculate Grassroot Movement, has warned against the destruction of their billboards and posters in some parts of Ebonyi state.

The group, however, maintained optimistic that the Labour Party candidate, Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh (Immaculate) would emerged victoriously in the 2023 general election as destruction of billboards and posters did not amount to vote at the polls.

According to press statement issued by the Director, Media and Publicity, Louis Nwebonyi, described the action as barbaric and sign of cowardice from the opposition elements.

Part of the statement reads:

“We have noticed with utmost dismay how the campaign billboard of Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh (Immaculate) at Ishieke junction was destroyed and sliced into pieces. Our posters have also been deliberately torn or defaced by these agents of darkness. This is the height of provocation and we can no longer keep silent.

“These actions are, to say the least, barbaric and the height of cowardice! They reaffirm the urgency of noblemen and women joining politics instead of leaving it for dregs, shenanigans and scallywags in the society.

Louis, however, noted that the group was not suprise with the shenanigans action of the enemies of light, and wondered how the action would translate to winning the position.

“We are however not too surprised, since it’s only normal for darkness to tremble at the appearance of light.

“We can only wonder how exactly these senseless acts could translate to votes for anyone in the forthcoming election.

He added, “Immaculate is a dazzling light, divinely appointed for a breath of fresh air in Abakaliki/Izzi Federal Constituency and no amount of intimidation can stop him.

“It’d therefore serve the naysayers best if they begin now to absorb the shock of Dr Ezeh’s landslide victory at the poll come February 2023. No man is God!.”

The media director, however, maintained that the House of Reps candidate, Dr Ezeh who’s following the presidential candidate, Peter Obi’s footstep would not go into violent politicking as he’s a believer of issue-based campaign until secured the people mandate in the upcoming general election.

“Immaculate has been consistent with issue-based/violence-free campaigns and would resiliently continue in this path of honour until victory comes. Indeed, when they go low, we go high. Our politics of ideas, creative engagement and people centric legislative agenda remain a clear departure from prebendal politics of the past.

“We are by this press release calling on relevant security agencies to take notice of these unwarranted provocations and ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book.

Continuing, “We are not cowards. We are responsible citizens who are sensitive to the rights of others. Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh shall never give up his sanity to join anyone in the mud. But he would not also hesitate to use every legal means available to take on anyone who wouldn’t allow him a breathing space.

“The Ebonyi State Government (EBSG) must also ensure that the philosophy of “Egbe bere ka Ugo bere” is entrenched and upheld throughout the political season. It needs to also look at the economic implications of allowing a suppressed and suffocating sociopolitical space in which MSMEs in various sectors (such as food sellers, water vendors, graphic designers, printers, tailors, etc) are denied the benefit of increased economic activities that go with electioneering period.

“With Ebonyi State being the poverty capital of Southeast, EBSG must as a matter of urgency, take steps to free up the political space, such as is the case in neighbouring states like Cross River and Enugu. Let the tensions be doused and let people’s hope rise.

“Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh (Immaculate) is better….Peter Obi is best!.”he further explained.