2023: Equity Group Backs Nwebonyi’s Ebonyi North Senatorial Ambition

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From Amauche Agbo, Abakaliki

Ahead of the 2023 general elections in Ebonyi State, the group popularly known as Advocate For Equity And Good Leadership ably led by Barr Sunday Ununu has thrown their weight behind the senatorial ambition of Honourable Onyekachi Nwebonyi to emerge the next Senator of Ebonyi North District.

The group made this known during their courtesy visit with the Ebonyi North APC Senatorial Candidate in his Abakaliki residence.

In his mission statement, the National President of the group Barr Sunday Ununu said the group was established to champion the course of equity and power balancing in the Ebonyi politics and abhorred the situation where one particular political zone or person remains in power at the expense of other members of the State.

“That is why we came up with this foundation in 2015 and clamoured for power shift to Ebonyi South zone where His Excellency Engr. David Umahi emerged victorious”

Ununu who observed that power having been rotated in the three senatorial zones of the State, called for power shift to Ebonyi North zone, particularly Izzi clan.

“Our preaching continues; the power having hitherto rotated among the three senatorial zones and the major dominant block in those three zones have benefitted that is why there is need for power to move back to Ebonyi North to enable an Izzi man to become the next Governor of Ebonyi State”

Speaking further, the National President stressed on the need for the emergence of Barr Onyekachi Nwebonyi to be the next Senator of Ebonyi North Zone come 2023, as other Local Government Areas of the zone had produced up to two times each while Ebonyi Local Government has not tested the position and called on the people of the Zone to rally round Honourable Nwebonyi who is the APC Senatorial candidate from the Local Government council to enable him succeed for the purpose of equity, fairness, love as it is panacea for development and power balancing in the State.

According to him, “we need power balancing in Ebonyi State, we need power balance in our senatorial zones. The time is now for Ebonyi Local Government to produce her own senator and that is why to tell you that we take it so serious just like the case of Izzi clan because what is good for the goose is also good for the gander and there is no way you can segregate and say that we are one. Our oneness should be defined by doing this together.”

“On equity we stand that is our slogan, if we are saying that politics should be a thing that everybody has played major role for the making and existence of this State, it should be represented in power by so doing we then enjoy power balancing in Ebonyi State.”

“We need to balance power in Ebonyi State, balance power in our senatorial zones, you are one of the persons we are going to champion our course for” he said

However, he commended the Ebonyi State Governor Engr. David for insisting the continuity of power in the State and for choosing an Izzi man Chief Francis Nwifuru to succeed him come 2023.

Ununu described the Governor as a product of equity and assured the support of the foundation for him to emerge victoriously in his senatorial ambition.

“With Governor Umahi as Ebonyi South Senatorial candidate, Engr. Kenneth Eze Ebonyi Central Senatorial candidate and Barr Onyekachi Nwebonyi as Ebonyi North Senator candidate respectively, Ebonyi State will be more greater.”

He noted that their emergence as senators would guarantee peace, security, progress as well as boost the dividends of democracy in the State.

Responding, the APC Senatorial candidate for Ebonyi North Zone Barr Onyekachi Nwebonyi who congratulated the foundation for championing the course of equity in the State, describing equity as a natural justice while stressing the need for power to rotate towards all the segments of the State.

He explained that all the Local Government Areas in the zone have produced senators apart from Ebonyi Local Government Council.

He promised that he would represent the zone with every commitments and energy.

Nwebonyi disclosed that he laid a foundation of a two bedroom flat to a widow in Abakaliki Local Government presently saying he would transform the zone if given the opportunity.

He called on the political gladiators to make it a point of duty by assisting the poor at all times to ameliorate their plights.


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  1. 1

    Barr, onyekachi Nwebonyi deserves the Senate position .
    Reason been that from his grassroots positions down to his previous position
    He paved alot of
    ways in many areas of development
    * should we talk about the widows he help and elevated out of poverty?
    * youth empowerment
    * Human capital development
    And lot more.
    Indee, whom the cap fit should wear it and equity in power rotation should prevails.

  2. 2
    Godfrey Nwibo

    We thanks for u sr, we are happy for ur emergence as the incoming Senate but student especially the poor one need help thanks
    Comr Nwibo Godfrey okechukwu
    The SUG President of Sudan United mission school Ebonyi state

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