Apart from our broad concern about Nigeria’s crumbling Educational Sector, it is time to talk about our comparatively low literacy level which make our people disposed to superstitions, wrong doctrines, bigotry and other anti developmental vices.

it is one of the first steps in education. It is a skill needed to be able to have more access to instructions in acquiring higher skills, basic health information and increased social interactions.

Conversations so far and rightly so have been focused on declining formal education, it is time also to interrogate how far we have done in spreading literacy.

Those unfortunate Ebonyians who did not have the opportunity of formal education have right to the basic entry point of enlightenment (Literacy) from where they can climb the ladder of knowledge.

Right now, Nigeria is not faring well regarding the percentage of our people that are literate compared to some African countries and other developing countries. According to statistics from the National Commission on Mass Literacy and Adult non formal Education (NCMEC), only 62.02% Nigerians are literate. We must compare the percentage with 85.75% in Zambia, 81.54% in Kenya, 79% in Ghana and 80.30% of the population in the Republic of Congo. Cuba, a Latin American nation whose major income is from sugar, cigar and tourism has one of the highest literacy level 99.8%.

Achieving 90% literacy level in Ebonyi State is achievable and possible in a very short time, it just requires focus and strategy.

Rt. Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru , since 2015 have paid school fees of many Ebonyians , through his foundation, Onwa Oferegbe foundation, this have reduced the level of illiteracy in Ebonyi state.

Otah Christopher Israel is a political Analyst and writes from Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.