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Dr. JAYEOLA, Folorunso David (Ph.D.)
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Basically, the functionality of any type of choir can be categorized under – Church Choir and, or Commercial Choir.

The main purpose of the Church choir is to minister in songs, particularly to a gathering or group of Christian likes mind. While the primary aim of a commercial Choir is to entertain a specific audience. Her functionality is usually required with specific charges and to a specific group or organization. Note- this practice is global!
Jayeola, F. D. (2019), in some of his statements, says that “a church choir is not a commercial choir, singing is common, but purpose is different”. So, the only thing that is common among these types of choirs is ‘singing’.
Why do you have to join a choir?

There are very many reasons one has to join a choir; irrespective of the type. Below are some reasons but not limited to;

  1. Feeling great – one of the ways to feel great is by singing with a choir, either to serve religious or commercial purposes. You will feel great by joining a choir around you.
  2. Health benefits -singing in the choir helps and boost the memory of both children and adult. In addition, it also enhanced one’s multi-task ability among other health benefits.
  3. Confidence – One way to boost your confidence is to find yourself among any serious choir. This will greatly improve one’s singing ability and confidence. There have been records of many individuals who could not face the audience but overcome the spirit of fear and gain much confidence to address a crowd.
  4. Connections – truthfully, to meet or establishes some connections with any notable individual, both locally and internationally is to join a group choir; serving a commercial or religious purpose. You could meet that special someone at any moment. Most youth have met their life’s benefactors through being a member of a choir group.
  5. Relaxation purpose – No doubt, moments during the choir rehearsals and performances properly help in good relaxation. Singing in the choir helps you to breathe properly, which automatically boosts your state of relaxation
  6. Good networking – both religious and commercial choir can help you network – It obviously would connect you to different kinds of people/individuals – nationally and internationally.
  7. Good listening ability – One good way to develop one’s aural perception is to join a serious choir. This will not only help in good pitching but also make one become a better lister. Both sensuous, expressive and sheerly musical types of listening would be developed.
  8. The musical skills in you will make others feel great.

About the author
Jayeola, F.D., got his Ph.D in Musique et Musicologie from Sorbonne Universite, Paris, France. Also, another Ph. D in Music from Delta State University.
He is currently a music lecturer in the Music Department, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI). He is also the Diocesan Music Director of the Anglican Diocese of Abakaliki, as well, the Music Director – Jaye Music Consultancy (JMC), a consultancy that helps society to build musical ability in both children and adults to become a professional, and also attend to request on musical performances in choral, dance and band.