The gubernatorial hopeful of People’s Democratic Party, Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh has vowed that he would prefer to be address as Ezeh(his first name) or Mr Governor once emerged come 2023.

According to statement issued and signed by the media Director and made available to newsmen in Abakaliki Ebonyi State capital.

The Governorship hopeful said, he would prefer to be addressed as Ezeh (his first name) and not His Excellency a title which according to him is synonymous with greed, non performance and a great deal of corruption.

He further emphasized that his achievements after leaving office would rather define the honourable title which he said the country’s elected politicians have badly abused.

“I have grown to see some words being abused, “your excellency” is one, it’s as though it is now synonymous with greed, non performance and a great deal of corruption”.

“In my administration, there is no need calling me His Excellency. Excellency should be based on Perormance; it should be based extreme demonstration of good leadership qualities. It should be based on entrenchment of good governance that placed the dividends of democracy on the tables of the people. “When I become your governor please call me Ezeh (my first name) or Mr Governor.

“Therefore calling me His Excellency should be after my tenure when the people must have measured my Performance and adjudged it to be excellent.

“Be a part of an administration that promises to depart from the norm!!