By Agbo Amuche, Abakaliki

Mr. Ekene Nwokoro, an Izhi illustrious son from Obegu Onweonwiya in Ugbalukwu Community in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, said he has secured Federal jobs to over one thousand persons.

Nwokoro, who is the special aide to the Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria in the State House Villa Abuja Professor Yemi Osibanjo and Chief Executive Officer of Ekeson Foundation disclosed this to newsmen in Abakaliki.

Hear him,
” My name is a grassroot name in terms of philanthropy, infrastructural development, human capacity building and otherwise.

“At my level and capacity, . My scholarship foundation – Ekeson Foundation has helped in coordinating the affairs of the less privileged ones – those who cannot afford their school fees, those confronted with challenges of meeting up their school activities just because of one problem or the other and not be able to pay their school fees, among others.

“As a matter of the fact, today in Ebonyi State, I think I should be able to count myself as one of those who have empowered people in terms of giving Federal jobs to the downtrodden, the less privilege, to our teeming youths and graduates all over the country.

“I can authoritatively beat my chest that between 2009 and now, I have secured jobs for over 1,000 persons in various Federal government establishments, ministries, departments and parastatals – the records are there to show itself.

“Of course, I have been emulating this kind of gesture by my boss, the Founder of the Regina Pacis Foundation. In practice, it’s part of my life. I enjoy helping people, putting smiles on their faces especially the downtrodden, the unemployed graduates and youths.

“I do infrastructure, buildings and currently, I have a skill acquisition centre, that is ongoing at Opa-Ephia village in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi.

“Go to Alex Ekwueme Federal Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki, the 500KVA that powers the hospital, which enhances the working efficiency of the health workers is my courtesy. I brought it personally to ameliorate the medical challenges of our people in the hospital.

“As I’m talking to you, there’s a two ward complex going on in the Federal Teaching Hospital called FETHA 1, all these are courtesy of this young man talking to you. I brought it to also make changes and most importantly, for the betterment of the life of our people.

“Go to other places like Federal Teaching Hospital, Owerri, I have two storey building complexes ongoing and all these are my contributions to amilorate the sufferings of our people.

“Of course, medical tourism has become the order of the day in Nigeria. I channelled some of these things into health sector to cushion the effects of medical tourism. When all the facilities are put in place it will go a long way to reduce the sufferings of our people, because they will be accessing and receiving proper medical care and treatment much more easier and better.

“Thereafter, it is advisable that the well placed people in the society should start laying chateriable foundations, helping the poor ones, the indigents and the needy to amilorate their sufferings, and I believe that, there are greater rewards for this venture.”