By Nwogha Ndubuisi, Abakaliki

As part of their efforts to restore the already existing peace in the once volatile boundary area of Igbeagu autonomous community, Izzi Local Government Area,Ebonyi State and her sister Ukelle of Yala LGA of Cross River State, the traditional ruler Eze Michael Ogbonnaya Ukwa on Wednesday 25th August,2021 inaugurated Chief Ogbonna Nwibo Ogharu as Igbeagu Ipfe-Igwe zonal Chairman.

Igbeagu autonomous community is an agrarian area with over fifty villages and four zones where every zone has its Chairman that helps in resolving minor cases and other
activities that promote the unity of the people within the zone.

Chief Nwiboko Ogharu shortly after inauguration

Consequently, Ipfe-Igwe zone was one of the volatile area bedevilled by the monster boundary war with Ukelle of Yala LGA of Cross River State and had since been facing internal leadership crisis on who would man the zone, thereby, bridge the communication gap and bring the people closer to the government at both community, Local government and state levels.

However, on Wednesday 25th August, elders of Ipfe-Igwe zone who turned out in number as accompanied by the youths stormed the palace of His Royal Highness, Eze Michael Ogbonna Ukwa asking the cabinet to inaugurate Chief Ogbonna Nwibo Ogharu who now becomes their zonal Chairman, thereafter, received blessings from village heads and cabinets at the royal palace.

Speaking during the event, Eze Michael Ukwa hinted that the inauguration of the zonal Chairman became imperative as to serve as the eyes of the community in the border area.

The traditional ruler harped on the need for the newly inaugurated zonal Chairman to continue on the peace process.

According to him:”We have met with stakeholders of our sister state who once had boundary crisis with us and they agreed with us that both Igbeagu community and themselves, being Ukelle will not cross to farm at a particular portion of the area.

“Your inauguration today as Ipfe-Igwe zonal chairman is to be the eyes of the community and your people there to ensure the peace efforts of both State and Local Government is not jeopardize by our people.

“My happiness knew no bound as the Deputy Police Officer of Izzi Local Government is present as I inaugurated the chairman and the youth body to sustain the peace and put a stop on unnecessary intimidation in that zone.

“From now henceforth, I am admonishing this team to support the sacrifice made by Governor David Nweze Umahi, Izzi Local Government Area Chairman,Hon. Paul Nwogha and the Development Center Coordinator, Hon (Mrs) Roseline Nkwuda since that Communal war started by making sure that no news of resurgence of crisis again until National Boundary Commission give us their permanent position there because defaulters will be made to face the law”.

Corraborating the traditional ruler, the Development Center Coordinator, Hon.(Mrs) Roseline Nkwuda appreciated Eze Ukwa for constituting the zonal leadership and described it as a right decision.

The Development Center Coordinator who was represented by the husband,Hon Monday Nkwuda pointed out that the team would help to intervene in any issue that would have truncate peace and charge them to be up and doing.

Earlier, the new zonal chairman,Chief Nwiboko Ogharu thanked the community for founding him worthy of service.

Chief Nwiboko while assuring the community of permanent peace in the zone appealed for support of both stakeholders and youth leaders to ensure that no intruder truncate the peace move.

On his part, the youth Leader Aspirant Igbeagu autonomous Community,Comrade Ernest Nkwuda commended community stakeholders for the new zonal chairman and pledged his support to ensure the area return back to peace.

He called for more understanding among youths of the zone since no development thrives in atmosphere of rancour and bitterness.

Meanwhile, Igbeagu Development Union Chairman,Bro. Emmanuel Nwovu described Ipfe-Igwe zone as the most difficult area in the war prone community and maintained optimistic that the inauguration of Chief Nwiboko would help fasten the peace movement.