–Says, Laws are made to be obeyed

By Ndubuisi Nwogha, Abakaliki

The Honourable Commissioner for Capital City Development, Ebonyi State, Barr Peter Onyekachi Nwebonyi, has reacted to what he described as unfortunate comments coming from the State House of Assembly over alleged molestation of the residents and properties destroyed in the state capital city by the workforce alleged to had come from his office within the weekend.

Recalls that the State House of Assembly was yesterday reportedly summoned Barr Nwebonyi for alleged ‘unwholesome destruction of properties and molestation of Ebonyians.’

But in interview with newsmen on Saturday at Abakaliki, Barr Nwebonyi said that the State House of Assembly has right to make some comments as a way of exercising their freedom but he has not been invited by the House for the issue.

He noted that even though the statement by House is ‘out of point’ as according to him, the Ministry of Capital City under his watch, tried to give light to the laws made by the House in regards to building and traffic control within the state capital city.

“For the House of Assembly without hearing from the Ministry and started making uncomplementary statement, shows that the members of the House are either illiterate or failed to open their minds to welcome what my ministry is doing,” he hinted.

The Commissioner, however, said he would not doubt the repute of the House, but for the record to be put straight, ” that is not how to go about it.”

“In as much as we are serving one government, if they feel that the ministry is not doing well, I should have been informed, because there are administrative measures, those things can be resolved rather than going to the Press.

“By that comment of the House, it has exposed the level of their understanding, as regards to the law they made, because it was very unfortunate,” he stated.

He further maintained that even though the state lawmakers were reacting to the impulses from Ebonyians, they would have heard from him first and not just going to the press.

“What are we doing? We are opening the roads, to meet the international standard. How can you tell me that people out of greed in their bid to reduce the street of 10-metres to 3-metres?

“How can you tell me that government will have a designate park, and miscreants will resort to turning our streets to motor parks? Are we going forward or backward? He who seeks equity must come with clean hands! Those who are complaining are miscreants – they do not want to obey the law of the state and the law of the state is meant to be enforced – the capital city must enforce it to the latter. “

He added: “If anybody is aggrieved, he should go to the Court and not the House of Assembly.

“Let me also tell you that some of the members of House of Assembly, are also violating the law. They made the law and think that the law should be observed by the poor, NO! The law should be observed by all.

“How can a lawmaker who makes a law that nobody should embark on any project within the capital city without getting approval from the ministry of the capital city and that lawmaker will be building by force and has refused to abide by the law he made?”

He disclosed that upon his assumption of office as the State Commissioner for Capital City Development, he had radio programme, and called for the meeting involving all the motorists in the capital city alongside the developers, where after educating and engaging them on the provision of the law regarding the development projects in the state capital city.

He also noted that the good citizens in the state have been observing the law, “but the sheers of few miscreants who are in opposition refused to be law abiding.

“If you watch those who are complaining are the opposition. These are the members of the opposition against the administration of our pragmatic leader and Governor of our dear State, but you see, we can’t go backward, we must continue moving forward.”

He advised Ebonyians especially the residents of the state capital city, to always observe the law, as he maintained that, “they are not in a State of anarchy and the law must prevail, for both the rich and poor. “

The Commissioner accused some lawmakers in the House to have allegedly failed to observe the law by building house (s) in the capital city without approval and described the act as ‘an exhibition of madness.’

Nwebonyi who believed that he is acting on the ambit of the law, and cannot abuse his office as alleged, asked those attacking him to stop by tackling the issue on ground and not opposing his office unnecessarily.

He therefore, advised Ebonyians to be law abiding and to always choose learned and wise citizens who would represent them in positions of trust, to avoid repeat of several mistakes beclouding the leadership system these days, which he said, was the causes of the unfortunate comments from the State Assembly.