Even though he was born into a not-too-wealthy family, ascending to greatness through sheer hardwork and humility was among the few things that dominated his dream, growing up.

Like the former president of America, Winston Churchill would say, ‘The price of greatness is responsibility’, Ekene was determined to make it and impact lives, hence, took cognisance of this fact by living a responsible life.

In addition, he also believes that where contact fails to take you to, humility surely, will.

This in no small measure has contributed in endearing him to many good men he has come in contact with in the course of his life’s struggles.

Born in Obegu-Onwenwiya village, Mgbalukwu Community in Izhi Local Government Area of present day, Ebonyi State and having spent most of his childhood life in the rural area where morality was a culture and humility, a virtue; Ekene Nwokoro was prepared to bequeath to the society a serener clime by leaving eternal legacies in the lives of those around him.

At a very young age in High school, Ekene Nwokoro was already a household name.

His popularity was to be catapulted to the peak at the eve of him leaving the high School, where he made focus his watchword and humility his grab bag as he towered above his mates and soared like the eagles by graduating as one of the best students in the school, and of course, the most humble and disciplined student. There in his first degree and programs, the same fate was replicated of him, hence, the saying that he is a destined child.

Desirous of impacting lives, his passion for service to humanity lured him into joining Federal Civil Service with the help of God almighty, whom he has remained ever grateful and eternally humble to.

While in the service, he did not only demonstrate capacity to service but left everybody he encountered with an awe of surprise as to the manner and kind of repository of gentlemanliness, humility and trustworthiness all rolled in one person but, that’s no big surprise compared to the extraordinary skills he brought in to bear while serving the federal government. Since his entry into the federal service, it has been a potpourri of commendations from both colleagues and people around him, with the public out pouring of encomium on his personality.

In swift description of how mightily and diligently he performed his duty while in the service, I seek your permission to aver that he went, saw and conquered- Veni, vidi, vici in the words of the great, Julius Caesar, not forgetting that you have a right to differ in this opinion.

If you say humility paved way for all the successes he recorded while in the service, you wouldn’t be wrong but for me, it is beyond humility. It is the combination of humility and favour always making ways for him.

Being someone always touched by the suffering of those around him, given his philanthropic nature, Ekene has always used the littlest of opportunity God gave him to help and give back to the society as testimonies of people he has wipped tears of cries occasioned by hardship in their lives abound. But most importantly, he is doing all these at a time when rendering free help to others by people not occuping public office has become a rarity like a scarce commodity. To put it more succinct, those in position of authority are no better in this regard too. I say this with some level of certitude.

However, before I digress,
below are few selected federal agencies, ministries, parastatals from where he has engaged about 500 persons of which most of them are Ebonyians with few others scattered across the width and breath of Nigeria. These agencies, ministries and parastatals include but not limited to the following: FETHA Abakaliki; Nigeria correction service; UNIZIK Awka; UNTH Enugu; FMC OWERRI; NIMASA; NAFDAC; FMC Igbobi Lagos; FTH Gombe; FIRS; Federal University teaching hospital Ibadan; National Directorates of Employment (NDE); FERMA; NSCDC; Dangote refinery and petrochemical company; National Boundaries Commission(NBC); National inland waterways (NIWA);Rural electrication Agency(REA); Nigeria port Authority(NPA); Petroleum development Trust Fund(PTDF); Federal ministry of health; Federal ministry of petroleum resources; Ministry of labour and employment; PITAD; Ecological fund office; Federal ministry of environment; National Hospital Abuja;
UNICAL Etc, just to mention but a few.

To this end, it will not amount to being hyperbolic to state that the number of individuals Ekene has helped in building their lives in the midst of youth unemployment and dwindling economy in Nigeria equals total workers under the payroll of some Local government areas in Nigeria.

Therefore, there is no better ways to encourage someone who has done this much for the society than appreciation.

Maka na “Ekene dike na nke omere, Ike adi ya ime ozo”.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you very much, Ekene Nwokoro !!!

Jide k’ iji! Nke imere di anyi mma!

Ejike Mbam is a writer, Communicator and Local Truth Gospeller.