By Nwogha Ndubuisi,Abakaliki

Following the ongoing Izhi Football Association league which currently on 2nd stage, the Abakaliki Development Center team on Wednesday 17th March,2021 beats Ekumenyi DC 4-1 at Nkwegu primary school field, Abakaliki.

Reacting the national president, Barr B.O Ezeagu, described the stage as “survival of the fittest, the game has enter stage that every team is bringing out their best.
“You can see that Abakaliki DC is playing in their home and on their first half leading with four goals to nothing but there’s hope for the two teams.

The national president lauded the technical crew for their performances and advised the lost team to see their defeat as a way to learn on their mistakes and improve on them.

Reacting on the development, the Coordinator Abakaliki Development Center,Hon. Ekene Edeh described his team as a good one, pointing out that even while they need to improve on defending side, maintain optimistic that they are going to come out better.

Ekumenyi DC Team

He said:
“The fact is that this is a Local league but there’s need to employ Assistant Video Referee, for some issue that happens on the flash such that man did not comprehend how that happened and that’s where AVR comes to play but I must commend them.

“The stakeholders should continue uniting the youth using sports and I commend our leaders for such feat.

Commending both teams, the Coordinator Ekumenyi Development Center,Hon. Nwogba Ebere Stephen observed that the two teams proved their readiness to the pitch but the day was for their rival brother.

According to him:” In football, there’s always a winning team and that’s what has come to play and in spirit of sportsmanship, I have embraced our brother who won and thanked our players because today is their day.

The Coordinator hinted that the group”C” is tough one and maintained optimistic that a winner of the league would emerge from the group.

“When this league started, people saw it as a child’s play but as we approach it closer,the game changed and I must say that what we stand to gain in this tournament cannot be overemphasized.

“Most of our young people have lost the track, they have for a reason of development, and socialization changed the way of our living but for the introduction of this tournament,they will embrace new life and seek career in football as the like of Kanu Nwankwo, Okocha and the rest who all started from now here but are genius today.

“If four or five players after this tournament seek for career abroad is not a bad thing and if we turned the tournament as a yearly game will change the trends in our communities and clan.

“I’m calling all sons and daughters of Izhi land both home and abroad to come out and support this tournament as it’s not a personal thing but just that somebody feels it’s right and today seeing the impact.

Other game of the day was Igbeagu DC beating Ominyi Development Center one goal to nothing and walk over between Ozibo and Ebonyi DC which was in favour of Ebonyi where it was a home match.