–Preaches Forgiveness –Commends Umahi’s Move To APC

Ebonyi state Governor, Engr David Umahi has been commended for linking up Ebonyi state to the politics of the center.

APC Chieftain and labour party gubernatorial Candidate in the 2015 general election, Architect Edward Nkwegu (EDON) gave the commendation when he led a delegation of his supporters to pay Christmas homage on the Caretaker working committee of the All progressive Congress APC, Ebonyi state.

Speaking during the visit, Architect Edward Nkwegu said, the visit has been an annual ritual to the party, as a sort of extending the brotherhood love in the party “it has been our custom to extend hands of brotherhood and fellowship to our party, the All progressive Congress, in this type of season. we brought you good tidings and goodwill because we’re very happy with what happened in our party recently”.

He expressed delight over the recent defection of the state Governor Engr David Umahi to the All progressive Congress APC, saying that his defection will reintegrate the Igbo Nation into the politics of the center, which has been the politics of the past Igbo leaders. “Recently, the leader of the state, the Executive Governor of the state, Engr David Umahi Nweze joined the APC with his teaming supporters. We’re very happy and excited because of the wonderful understanding he has shown in the patrimonial politics of the state, “politics of the center”. The father of Nigeria nationalism, Dr Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe, who happened to be of Igbo extraction, played the politics of the center, Dr Michael Okpara also played the politics of the center.

APC Party members

Our own elder Statesman, Dr Akanu Ibiam and even our own brother Dr Martin Elechi also believed in the politics of the center. So, it will be out of place that Ebonyi state will not be able to integrate with the politics of the center, that is why some of us are very happy because it will do a greater good to Ebonyi people that we participate in the politics of the center. Though some state maybe endowed more than us that they can survive without the federal allocation, but Ebonyi will struggle if we don’t have the support from the center. So, we appreciate the wisdom of the governor in his efforts to reintegrate the Igbo and Ebonyi people into the politics of the center.

The APC chieftain described Christmas as a time reconciliation and love, calling on all to forgive those who offended them as commanded by God.
“we are happy and that is why we felt that the Christmas will not be complete without coming to pay homage to people who are the leaders the party in the state.
We brought you message of hope, message of brotherhood, message of peace, because Christmas is a time of reconciliation, it’s a time of unconditional forgiveness and as we go home to celebrate with our brothers, we should be able to extend that spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness. You don’t forgive your traitor because he has repented or because he will not show malice again, or that he deserves forgiveness. We forgive because it is the commandments of God. We forgive to enable us free ourselves from the continuous torture of the mental bondage of the malice of the enemy. So during season of goodwill like this, we preach forgiveness, we preach reconciliation and above all, you can not hold malice in your heart and go to receive the saviour of the world, because Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ our Lord, so for us to prepare ourselves for that, we should extend the spirit of brotherhood, spirit of forgiveness and spirit of love, that’s the message we brought to you the Honourable Chairman”.

In his response, Caretaker Chairman of the party, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha expressed Joy over the visit, thanking him for his patriotic zeal and believe in Ebonyi project.
He eulogized architect Nkwegu resilient and accommodating spirit, adding that God will reward his good works.

He enjoined supporters of political leaders to emulate patriotic and sacrificial gestures of their leaders for Ebonyi state to move forward.

Chief Emegha, who is also the commissioner for internal security border peace and conflict resolution, said that Governor Umahi’s move to APC was not for his personal interest but for the collective interest of Ebonyi people and Igbo Nation.

The APC caretaker Chairman, urged all to put back all that has happened in the past and rekindle the bond of friendship and brotherhood that blinds them for the collective good of the state.

Present at the meeting were the members of the state caretaker committee of the party.