By Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy, Abakaliki

Mbeke is a community carved out of the  larger Ishieke autonomous community in Ebonyi Council Area of Ebonyi State. The community where many promising leaders and human develolpers in the state are gradually sprouting out but currently, the road networks leading to the area are so pathetic.
People going to Mbeke Ishieke Community from Ebonyi State Capital, Abakaliki  can easily drive or trek through Ofoke Ishieke market junction (Nwiboko Obodo road or Idenyi Nwonu road) Ezzangbo junction (Jim Nwobodo road – rig road), Ogbaga-Nwofe Agbaja way, Hittop road or Nwezenyi-Iboko road but all these routes connected to this place are obviously in a bad condition. 
“The kind of road network built by the Ebonyi State sitting Governor, Engr. David Umahi in some communities will be the best to solve this problem.” This was exactly the opinion of an octogenarian  from Ezza-Effium, Chief Augustine Nworie when having an interaction with newsmen in his area trying to find their way through this road while embarking on official duties.
(Picture)       The octogenarian, Augustine Nworie.
He further said, “why this road should be given a facelift is numerous. One, majority of the stakeholders especially from Mbeke community pass through these roads to their various homes but if someone comes here, he won’t believe we have the makers and shakers in Ebonyi State government and even at the national level from this area.
“During the 2015 general elections campaign, our governor, Chief Dave Umahi walked all through these routes while seeking for support. I am not saying that the governor is not doing well in terms of road infrastructural development but he needs to remember his promises to our people from this area. Mbeke Community has former Minister, the elder statesmen, Commissioners,  PDP Chairman, Head of Service, the state Assembly member, special assistants, others in positions of trust but still our roads and many public facilities are beyond pathetic.
“I must tell you that if these roads are given facelifts, our agricultural produce can be easily transported to the main markets. We farmers will be thinking of making more profits. I am are sure of all the farmers in this area will be happy. The bad nature of our road networks have cut us off from many things and even benefits brought by this Government”, he said.
Nworie recalled that several promises had been made by the people controlling the power of the state under this administration to give the roads a facelift but all to no avail.
He noted that the state governor had assured the community of giving a facelift on Nwiboko Obodo road from Idembia Ishieke to Benue State in his first and second terms in office including his promise to use his office to extend the development stride on Ebonyi ring-roads but there is nothing forth coming.
It was also gathered that the pioneer Community Secondary School, Mbeke Ishieke has lost its prominence following its building collapse 
The School Principal, Mr. Eze Dominic Nwebonyi, staff and students of the school had appealed to the state government and the well spirited individuals for their intervention, pointing that it was only the assistance of the state PDP Chairman, Chief Barr. Onyekachi Peter Nwebonyi who renovated one of the buildings that has kept the school in existence though, they still complained, “it is not enough for the users.”
This in their words, is because the buildings housing the staff room, school laboratory, library and students’ classrooms are getting into a total collapse unless quick intervention rendered.
The Principal hinted: “We have alot of challenges namely from lack of the tutorial staff, the number is grossly inadequate, and all the subject areas are not covered by the teachers available. We only make use of community teachers to cover up some areas, where we are deficient. Also, corps members are also of immense help. Infrastructure wise, you have seen the deplorable nature of the buildings. That building there houses staff room, science equipment, agrriculture laboratory, library, and two classrooms there. Now, they are no longer in use because of the dilapidated nature of that building. So, we want the government to come and help us renovate it. The other building newly renovated was done by Barr. Onyekachi Nwebonyi, the Ebonyi State PDP Chairman.” 
This condition is not different in Ndiegu Ishieke High School, Ndiugo and Onuenyim Ishieke High School  in Ebonyi local government area where the school buildings were all built with mud blocks and some have fallen down following the heavy downpours witnessed in the area recently.
Mr. Cornelius Igboke, the Principal of Ndiegu Ishieke Community High School, Ndiugo and his counterpart in Community High School, Onuenyim Agalegu Ishieke, Mr. Emmanuel Origbo narrated the ugly situations facing their schools.
Many teachers also have complained that those employed by the state government to teach in the schools in the area normally worked their ways out by leaving most subjects to be handled by unqualified teachers.
“They have to  be transferred following their requests just because of the gory nature of the community roads and the schools. You can see that no one from the urban area shall have a second thought of staying here, and they only option is to seek means for transfer”, one teacher revealed.