10-years-After Marriage: Family Welcome First Daughter

— Advices Christians to trust in God always

Mr and Mrs Chris Nwoba and the new born baby

By Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy

Just like the biblical injunction had it that,no barren woman would be found among you is the case of Mr. Christopher Nwoba Idoko who exchanged his marital vow with his heart-throb, Adeline on 24th April, 2010.

Over ten years, the Union had no issue until the year 2020 when a bouncing baby girl, Miss Echezonachukwu Christopher Nwoba broke the barrier with amazing smile into the family of the God lovely couple.

Mr. Nwoba disclosed this in an interview with our reporter during the child’s naming ceremony on Sunday.

Narrating his experience, Mr. Nwoba said their ten years union without a child was full of many turbulence especially the third party interference.

According to him, the third party interference was the most difficult experience that faced their union while on the trial of delay to child bearing after wedding.

Mrs Nwoba in a joyous dance
Mrs Nwoba in a joyous dance

In his words:“The most difficult thing I faced was the third party interference. Gossips, so many stories contrarily to our faith were spelt on us,” he said.
He advised families having the same experience to keep looking unto God who has solution to every condition, believing that nothing is impossible before Him.
“I encourage people that are facing a hurdle of married life to stand firm. It is actually Psalms 46:10 that says, ‘be still and know that I am God.’ I encourage them to be still and God will see them through. They should exhibit their faith, and not to come from Peter to post. They should be able to stand firm so that God will bless them at the end.

“You can hear something that will twinge your heart. You will hear what you may never like to hear. They blamed it on the man. They blamed it on the woman. They blamed it on the history of the man. They blamed it on the history of the woman. And third party will come to separate the family.

He added: “The simple thing is that grace builds on nature. That means you have to exhibit normal, common human virtuous qualities. We should be able to give ourselves the conducive environment for grace to step in and that’s why grace doesn’t come to suppliant nature – it builds on human condition. And that is to say, people who are facing the challenges in life, in terms of infertility or barrenness should expect. They can’t do it all alone but have some works to do. When they do their own part, then, they pray and by God’s grace, God will now see them through at the end.
“Like in my own circumstances, you can imagine where I’m coming from a long history. I have been a leader of so many priests. Father Abraham Nwali is one. He was a year behind me, am a theologian, am a defender of faith of the church and that’s why some of the challenges I was facing, I stood boldly because I was trained to be sufficiently stand firm in the defence of the faith. They should be able to stand firm so that God will bless them at the end.

The couple and some well wishers
The couple and some well wishers

In the same vein, the immediate past Vice Chancellor of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Prof. Francis Idike who was the sponsor of Mr and Mrs. Christopher Nwoba’s wedding said that problem of infertility or barrenness is not a physical one, but demands people who are having such challenge to keep looking unto God, who gives children.
“That one has not given birth to a child doesn’t imply that you can’t bear a child. Trust God and at the appointed time, the child will come. Christopher Nwoba and so many people are example,” he said.

A Chieftain of APC, Chief Austin Edeze, also advised every couple having similar challenge after wedding ‘to be patience in God, because He never disappointed.’“He made the promise in several verses in the Bible. If you have patience, faith, trusting God, His grace and mercy will manifest in you. Christopher Nwoba stayed ten years after wedding and today we welcome and celebrate with his family for God has manifested Himself by giving him a baby,” Edeze said.
The former Director in Federal Ministry of Education in charge of teachers council, Chief Lazarus Eze, the Senior Special Assistant to Ebonyi State Governor on Special Project, Chief Richard Idike and a lawmaker at Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Chief Joseph Ununu equally expressed joy that upon the hard experience of Christopher Nwoba and his wife, God eventually blessed them with a child after ten years of their wedding.
The trio with avalanche of guests who honoured the naming ceremony wished the family well, advising them to continue to be faithful to God to attract greater honours and blessings which people would use as a reference point to promote the Christian faith.

Recall that Rev. Fr. Matthew Abah while officiating mass for the child dedication to God at St. Joseph Pro-parish, Nduigwe Igbeagu in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State charged the congregation to be the light of the world by living an examplary life like Jesus Christ – the Light of the World.